The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!



Once in a while going out of my comfort zone is not bad at all, it’s essential I think, besides I can’t deny the fact that my body longs for it and my brain needs a fill in every now and then. When Tuesday was declared a holiday in observance of Eid’l Adha, another Muslim event, Leoncio and I decided to visit the old downtown for a change. We commuted all the way and prepared to battle the long walk, we’re dressed at our comfiest to haggle and squeeze ourselves in the multitude. It helps that the weather was fine and perfect for wandering amidst the crowded streets. I must say we got summer skies in October. 🙂


I love days when I don’t have to worry a thing except for a filling meal that would delight my tummy. It’s expected to have a Chinese meal when visiting this side of the city and I don’t mind going back at an old favorite along Benavidez St. other than I missed the setting of eating outdoors, not the finest, not the comfiest but I affirm it’s the coolest place to delight your hungry pangs.


Estero Fastfood is your typical carinderia, a little upscale because they have a menu per se, an extensive selection of everything from chicken to pork to beef to seafood to veggie and to exotic ones –frog legs to be exact! 😀 And the food is cooked right there and there in their semi-opened kitchen soon as you have your pick. And service is fast, so saan ka pa?


I’m officially tagging weekend and holidays now for late lunches and so on. We ordered the smallest size of each but we got more than enough and we couldn’t be of the happiest everytime the bill is handed to us. For less than P400 we savor these goodness. 😛


Beef Litid P90. Tender beef ligaments cooked with oyster sauce. It’s flavored just right.


Mixed Seafood P90. This is my ultimate favorite and everytime we dine here we don’t skip getting this. They don’t scrimp on seafood –scallops, shrimps, shells, squid, fish, this is love! ♥


Calamares P90. I love that they don’t overcooked it and batter is light. I can finish this serving all by myself. Hehehe.

Shanghai Fried Rice P70 (no better photo). It can surpass the one served in mall restaurants because it’s tasty on its own complete with Chinese chorizo which I like as it creates a memorable taste, rundown of what I normally dish at home.


Excuse us now but the spread was an attraction of its own, it’s simple and yet appetizing and I don’t mind eating the same set over and over again.


Estero Fastfood is all about Chinese-Filipino comfort food just don’t mind the setting, and think only but the authentic, delicious and affordable dining experience you’ll definitely won’t regret and forget.


Tubo (sugarcane), Leoncio always buy from this cart whenever we’re in Binondo, he loves to chew this because of its sweet taste (dessert nya to 😀 ) and health benefits which I still need to research about. 

Our trip at old Binondo wouldn’t be complete without exploring the streets and side streets all the way to Divisoria. It’s a normal thing that after a hefty meal we’re down to burning all the fats and carbo we delightfully consumed, feeling health buff lang. Hahaha. But we really love the stroll from Ongpin to Juan Luan up to 168 Mall. Everything comes in cheap so how can you turn your back and let go of the chance. That’s exactly the reason why many people wouldn’t mind the difficulty of transport, the grueling encounter or even the risk of being rob. So be mindful of your wallet and valuables and don’t flaunt anything that will attract the bandits around.


Formosa Bakery sells sweet breads and cakes. I took a couple of soft breads for take home.

We were actually planned to visit the National Museum that day before heading down to Binondo but we overslept, it’s quite getting cooler in the morning now and I’m more than having a hard time getting up, save for the morning vibes I’m definitely getting down in the early hours one of these Sundays once again. 🙂


P.S. Our loot from Divisoria –a couple of seedless oranges, ponkan, apples, peas, French beans, carrots, chayote and cauliflower.



Estero Fastfood
847-G Ongpin Gandara St., Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines
T. +632 734-3279


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  2. madjewel October 24, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    whenever I ask bf to go to binondo he always complain how far it is T_T are the veggies price lower in divi?

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