The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

akiba café

I don’t frequent the Megamall and hated it for reasons its shopping area is too huge and I might end up broke, its taxi stand is always a hit and I’m not patient enough, its covered parking ramp is too steep and I’m always almost throwing up and its dining choices were common and I can get better choices in my beloved Ayala Malls. Actually, I have more than a hundred reasons of not liking to go there even if my friends and colleagues frequent it.

Last weekend after our very late lunch at My Singapore Food Street and after attending the anticipated mass at the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord and after a sneak peek at Forever 21 (they have good stocks ha 🙂 ), we decided to sit down and have some aromatic coffee for dinner. We passed on the favorite coffee shop this time and settled for something very new, our first time.


Akiba Café is tag as the first Japanese café in the country but I couldn’t tell much the difference amongst the well-known American coffee shops. Coffee and cakes are always a hit. We both got something hot because it’s perfect for the rainy weather, at least PAGASA’s forecast is more probable now.


Sometimes it helps when the choices are only some because it makes life easier. 😛


I’m classically boring so you know so I got myself a classic hot kohi –Café Latte. This latte tasted pretty much the same of other coffee shops other than its coffee art is love and I’m always on the safe side.


While the more adventurous husband this time got himself a flavored hot kohi –Mt. Fuji Kohi. It’s foamy and fragrant.


And despite the green tea invasion in almost everything we drink and eat I’m not easy to jump of and say it’s my new favorite. I still go for the conventional so I quickly ignored the Green Tea Cheesecake and got us Tiramisu and Lemon cake slice. I love the lemon-flavored of course so I had most of it.

Akiba Café is one of the perfect coffee places to kill time because it’s purposely located near shops but if you want a quite place to read or a quite study area don’t go here, the space is not enclosed and you’ll be distracted by people passing by, walking back and forth and you can hear noise of other people going around, not as homey as other coffee shops nonetheless it’s worth a visit. ♥

P.S. We paid using the GCs I won from #Megafoodstagram. 



Akiba Cafe
SM Megamall 2nd floor building A Hallway,
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

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