The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

a well-spent family weekend

We spent the recent weekend at the parental house and like the usual I have tons of photos of the eventful two-day break. ♥

Because I feared us getting caught of heavy traffic on Friday night (Million People’s March was in Ayala), I took a half day leave from work so we can leave Manila earlier. The household was a bit surprised of our coming early, alas we’re reunited again with my baby love, she gained weight from the last time maybe the deworming tablets took effect on her now. I’m so happy to be home with B. 🙂


On that night we visited the wake of Tita Pearl’s father, half of the maternal cousins were there so it became the venue of our chitchats and catching up. You know how I love split seconds with them.


I bought Bei and Boi new bandannas for the Pet Blessing but Kuya P liked the one in camouflage so I had to give it to him besides it looks small for our big boy, B got to wear the pink which she eventually dislike after seeing the red one. There’s no doubt that B got her taste from Dadi who also fancies the shade of love. I asked the two to pose for me, they’re the cutest I think. 🙂


On Saturday afternoon, we hurried up for the Pet Blessing at The District only to be trapped in traffic at Golden City. If we have known earlier of the road closure after Malagasang interchange we could have left the house earlier and check on other routes. I hated traffic because it always delays everything. By the time we reached The District it was already nearly 5:30pm, I thought we could still catch the later part of the anticipated mass but to my dismay –it’s over and we missed it. 😦 I asked the concierge to validate further, apparently the anticipated mass is at 4pm and the Pet Blessing followed shortly after at 5. So there, we wasted our time and energy and gas just to catch up this yearly event. I just hope the facebook announcement was clearer, they could have indicated that the anticipated mass is happening at 4. This was the exact facebook announcement: “Bring your pets on October 05, 2013 in GF Promenade as we have Blessing of the Animals at 5pm after our Anticipated Mass”. For us who don’t frequent The District we wouldn’t know the schedule of mass and so on and so forth unless it’s written obviously. Sigh! I couldn’t blame enough because we’re late as well.


After the kids got their DQ Blizzard treat (which was poorly mixed, my guess, because of its half-melted state) and a convo with a young couple who also owned a Labrador, we left. By the way, the couple was looking for a male stud that could impregnate their princess soon as the heat season is on. The lucky Boi will have a new girlfriend soon, but B would always be her lady love (me pinagmanahan din eh 😀 ).

Oh you wanna hear my feedback regarding this new Ayala Mall, honestly I don’t like it there. The open spaces is not suitable for Imus humid weather and I don’t like the kiosk blocking the hallways and the kids play area at the back, it can get the place too crowded with by-standers. I wasn’t able to scan the restaurants; I spotted Wee Nam Kee, Starbucks, Kenny Rogers, Figaro and J.Co to name a few. With its limited options, I’d rather drive to Sta. Rosa which is more well-located and exclusive.


Anyhow, few minutes after we left The District my sister texted us, she must have sense our plan to move to Tagaytay sooner. The traffic at the stretch of Aguinaldo Highway from Imus to Dasmarinas was bearable but the turnaround of events was starting to annoy me. To cut the story short we agreed to wait for her at McDonald’s in Pala-pala. Guess who’s giddy and jumpy for the stopover? 😛 The big B got a sundane cone which was just right to cool her down. We didn’t get her a burger this time because we’re having dinner later on to another of her favorite burger joint. ♥


Finally in Tagaytay! And in our much-loved chill out place –Yellow Cab and Army Navy! Yey! We had pizza and pasta, fries, chicken and quesadillas and burger for B of course. B also got a small share of pizza less the garlic and shrimp. B was so behaved all dinner time, she’s more disciplined now. I overheard other guests’ comments on B, wow astig! and even the crew and guard at Yellow Cab were amazed everytime we fork her food. Sosy kase talaga my B, she knows how it’s supposed to eat at restaurants. Hehehe.

The following day, we learned that Uncle was rushed to the provincial hospital for severe stomach pain following his suspected big C –prostate I heard. 😦 It’s another sad state for the family and in times like this I think the supreme shield is only prayers. Nanay went to see him only because we’re preparing for the funeral. At mid afternoon, we joined Tita Pearl’s family as he’s father was laid to his final resting place. Nobody likes funerals because the mood gets too sad and gloomy, I don’t want to attend one again very soon.


Right after the funeral we moved to The Romans Memorial to visit Ninang Elo, it’s her 4th death anniversary already, how time flies noh? Like the previous years we come here as one to say hello to her, I know she’s happy to see us all. And Ina must be smiling wide seeing us united amidst the hard times. We stayed for a while but Tita Bebot was in a hurry, magpapa-Jollibee pa naman sana yata si Tita Josie. Hehehe. Well, I’ll be seeing them all in less than a month and the holidays season is forthcoming, more get-togethers and eats outs and happenings and laughter with the maternal. I hope. Minus the drama and flashy pose. I hope. 🙂


P.S. The little baby will turn one year old before month end and everyone must be looking forward by now including B. 😛



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