The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.12


The recent work week concluded as it should be in spite of the annoyance, the rejection and the not-so-happy thoughts that nearly make me cry. Suddenly I had that ill-feeling again and I loathe it. I told you before I don’t want to dwell much on the negative thoughts because that would spoil my weekend and my love affair with Sundays. So to end the whining I treated myself a bit, a chicken inasal dinner on Friday night and over pizza & pasta and street food on Saturday. I know I’m quite back to my not-so-healthy eating habit and I’m guilty as charge other than those were the only distraction I know to stop my odd feelings and get back in track albeit the consequence of me getting out of shape. Hahaha. And because Sunday is extra-super-special, I saved all my energy and my belly to a warm and hearty meal.


We drove somewhere south, somewhere down my beloved Cavite after a cousin told me about the place. I dunno if he reads this blog and knows my current “thing” for breakfast and Sundays and tocino 😀 the reason perhaps he brings up the breakfast place. He even sampled it a day ahead of us but failed to impress him but I’m prepared to gamble because the place itself is enough to fill my Sunday morning routine.

Since it heavily rained the night before and the place is a bit distant from my two dearly loved cities, which is Makati and Mandaluyong, we arrived later than the usual breakfast time so we had brunch.


Bahay Tinapie was located shortly after exiting Cavitex, its Centennial Road address put me for a while in question mark. Where the hell is Centennial Road? It should be somewhere Aguinaldo and Bacao according to Google maps but still I can’t figure out. Oh there! Kartini was the prominent landmark and we regularly pass by the area when driving to my hometown. Surprisingly it sits only next to Kartini and we never spot the signage before. And what a shame because Centennial Road is the same highway I kept on referring as Bacao.


Even from its façade, Bahay Tinapie was pretty to look at, it’s homey and cozy feel easily caught my attention. This is the exact picture of my future eatery, my dream breakfast café. 🙂 Actually I’m aspiring of the outdoor sitting only because I want it to be quaint and have that down-to-earth impression, nothing snooty so the neighborhood will not have that awkward feeling.


Bahay Tinapie’s indoor dining was even more charming with all the cute stuffs hanging on the walls, every corner is lovely to look at so I had my time while our orders were being made.


And because I already spied its menu online we had our choices easily. For your sake, they have the usual breakfast meals served with rice and creamy scrambled egg –I spotted SPAM and Libby’s, tocino and tuyo and many more including the Subi-Monte Longganisa which I’m guessing is a best-seller because Bahay Tinapie is run by Subi-Monte, it’s  next-door restaurant that seems to cater more of lunch and dinner. Back to their one flyer laminated menu, they have Belgian waffles too, and pies and cakes to my delight. But as I told you, I have already decided for our breakfast plates even before coming here.

So, we’re both having the most expensive plates. ♥


The husband wanted to have something with rice so he picked Ultimate Breakfast 4, he loves me though that’s why he decides for the variant with tocino instead of his usual beef tapa pick. I love his plate other than I don’t find it apt that garlic rice and waffle comes in one plate here.


I had the Ultimate Breakfast 1, everything rhymes from bacon to Hungarian sausage, to scrambled eggs and waffle and toast. The cousin was foremost not impressed with the waffles as he was telling me “not worth it” but I have a different opinion and that would always count because I own this blog. Hehehe. A perfect waffle should be crispy on the outside, tender and moist on the inside with a near see thru appearance. Okay, we got a second-rate waffle here which is crispy and thin, it must be short of milk, or eggs, or butter. I really cannot tell but because it’s reasonably priced I cannot complain more. And like Belgians I consumed my waffle as dessert with butter and syrup.

*Most food items are already drinks inclusive; he got coffee while I got an orange juice.


We got an additional order of their Oh! Melette Tomato, Pesto and Cheese. They made it almost perfect –a little runny in the center but not as fluffy as I want it to be, never mind the burnt traces outside because the taste of pesto and cheese is a hit of its own.


And to add a little touch of Brit to my breakkie, I went to order Pork and Beans. I didn’t expect too much because it’s obvious that it’s something fresh from the can other than they warmed it for me. 🙂


We happily wolfed down our hale and hearty breakfast without anyone around. Yes, we owned the place because the last group left even before our food was served and maybe the early-risers left even before we arrived.


Aside from cakes and pies, Bahay Tinapie also sells cookies. I got biscotti, sugar cookies (which was very good) and oatmeal cookies and I’m coming back to get a stash, they’re cute for gifts this coming Christmas.


Well, maybe it’s not one of the best breakfast places around but it’s not bad either. It sits in the middle with the “can also” caption and I wouldn’t mind stopping once in a while when we’re passing by. I love waffles and Nutella and fortunately they have that combination. ♥


P.S. We went on a short historical trip right after, to an old house that was built more than 100 years ago and that holds too many memoirs of our independence. 



Bahay Tinapie
Centennial Road, 4104 Kawit, Cavite
T. 046 4023759

2 responses to “sundate no.12

  1. madjewel October 6, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    the place is very pretty, homey and colorful! a nice breakfast place you found there

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