The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.11

Sundays are meant for dating, church, dining out, supermarkets and coffee sipping, that’s me, that’s why all in all people surrounds me sees my favorite day as over-spending because I tend to splurge the whole day paying bills after bills. What they do not know is I pass over on many things during the weekday including the cheapest McDonald’s meal, soda, chips, mid-afternoon snacks, etc. I’m keeping it to a minimum in which the daily expense should consist of taxi fare only (on days I commute to work) added to the P20 bill I expend to buy myself a slice of watermelon from Manong on the streets. And while people at my workplace enjoy food delivery, take outs or even lunch outs, I’m savoring home-cooked meals by yours truly (or the husband’s if he’s in the mood to impress me). I even have sandwiches for mid-afternoon snack and some biscuits to keep me company when staying late. I don’t splurge on milk teas and hardly ever peep at the mall or at the supermarket to keep me away from things I don’t really need. So don’t ever judge me for treating myself a bit because I make a supreme effort five days a week for it. Ang drama noh? 🙂  Nah, I’m just giving myself a good excuse not to feel guilty while many suffer from hunger including our soldiers in Zamboanga. I prayed at mass earlier that this hostility will end and that life for our fellow Filipinos in Zamboanga will be back to normal and free.

sundate no.11_1

September 22, 2013

Anyhow, while the past Sundays were happily spent savoring a hearty breakfast meal we altered the routine today. It’s because the rain was nonstop, we curled a bit and woke up at past 8am, too late to my ideal breakfast time. Apart from that, the brunch place I have in mind opens at 10am only and unfortunately closed on Sundays. Sigh! Good thing we’ve checked back before we left or else we’ll end up feeling low literally resembling to the gloomy skies. And while the rain continuously poured and flooded some major streets, we kept our option limited to the neighboring city, this time for lunch.

Hunan Lutong Bahay was like everyone’s craving three years ago, most of the food blogs I follow have something to say about this hole-in-the-wall eatery –authentic, flavorsome and affordable. And because its location is somewhat secret to many, getting there was like puzzle solving. But not in our case, we quickly figured out its exact location the moment we tried our luck earlier, thank you to the many reviews that gave landmarks and shared photos of its façade. Who needs a GPS, definitely not us?

If you’re coming from Edsa-Rockwell flyover (Estrella), turn right to Gumamela St., which is the last turn before J.P. Rizal or before ramping over the Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge, once you see the Barangay Hall on the corner of Camia and Gumamela Sts. turn left to Camia St. and slow down, on your right don’t miss this 3-door apartment house with painted gates in white, the last gateway is No. 6404. There is no signage outside so if you go beyond Coznuts salon you overdrive by now. I hope I’m giving everyone a clearer route here, otherwise you can always call the number below and ask anyone from the store to step outside so you won’t miss the spot. 😀

sundate no.11_2

Since its 1pm when we arrived at the eatery the place was almost empty except for a corner table occupied by two Chinese national. The server readily handed us out the menu, not so complicated not like the early years I thought (they say there were no caption on the food items, only Chinese characters). But because I already have in mind the bestsellers as recommended by renowned food bloggers we place our orders in a breeze.

Service is quick! I commend their cook for not making us wait. 🙂

sundate no.11_3

Steamed Pork P260 was first to arrive. I’m guessing slow-cooked pork belly embedded in cured mustard greens with Chinese spices. I was guessing too its taste on the sweet side while taking photos of it but it tasted more of Chinese adobo which is my sister-in-law’s specialty dish.

sundate no.11_4

Fried Rice with Egg P100. Not that it wasn’t good but next time we’ll go for the eat-all-you-can steamed rice.

sundate no.11_5

Cold Pig’s Ear P180. This thin and tender slices of pig ears fueled the husband’s appetite.

sundate no.11_6

Boiled Dumpling P140. It’s commonly called Kuchay with egg and greens fillings.

We forgot to ask for house tea but we happily settled with potable water served in pitchers.

sundate no.11_7

And wiped out everything with gusto, I even asked for some chili sauce to spice up the full Chinese flavors. Ah, we’re definitely coming back especially if parking wouldn’t be a common headache.

sundate no.11_8

And by the way, the eatery has a more apt name printed on the menu book, mark it –You Jie Xiao Chao. ♥



You Jie Xiao Chao
6404 Camia St., Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City
T. +63 917 7876999 / 915 4252972


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