The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.11 part ii

Following our filling lunch at You Jie Xiao Chao was a stopover at the nearby The Powerplant Mall, we attended the mid-afternoon mass. Anyway, this is somewhere out of topic but I can’t help but feel bad for shameless people attending the holy mass. At the chapel’s entrance there’s an advisory to mass goers that say something like reservation of seats, actually I didn’t read it in full details but I’m guessing it has something to do with people or group reserving seats for their family members or friends who’d come in late to mass. In reality we tend to do that and it’s happening anywhere but I find the incident yesterday miserly. In a particular row or four, two seats were occupied only while the other two were duly reserved for their companions, which eventually did not show up until the offertory part. My take is, give up the empty seats if you’re companion is showing up so late (late means the first reading is already being read). There were elderly folks who needed it most besides you don’t pay to reserve those. There was even a very pregnant woman who initially asked for the vacant seat which they snubbed. My inner self was almost screaming and I don’t like fuming silently about these people’s attitude, buti na lang there’s a Good Samaritan who willingly gave his seat to the soon-to-be mom. Kudos to you Sir! 🙂

By the way, we were standing the whole mass so I have no seat to share with the elderly and the pregnant woman.


After mass, we make a quick round at the supermarket to buy some of this week’s supply including wheat bread, peanut butter spread, paper towels, chips, chocolate and look what I found. Yes, the Delimondo corned beef which I recently stumbled on this blog (Bacon and Bangles). I became curious on the pricey-ness of this can so I grabbed the promo pack right away. We’ll sample it within the week and let you know if it’s really worth the price.

sundate no.11_9

And to cap of the day, we pay a visit the newly-opened Café Mary Grace in Kalayaan. You see we’ve been many times in Serendra but never took time to stop and consider the café, probably because my impression of Mary Grace was all about cheese rolls and ensaymadas. Other than my much-loved, must-read breakfast blog visited the place beforehand I feel the need to visit too. Tina said about the Christmas-feel and that enough excites me oh so high.

sundate no.11_10sundate no.11_11sundate no.11_12

And she was right, soon as we stepped in at Café Mary Grace, I felt the holidays, the yuletide happenings, it’s so Christmassy inside. I adore the entire place and immediately fell in love. ♥

sundate no.11_13sundate no.11_14sundate no.11_15sundate no.11_16

This is the exact place I’d want to spend hours and hours –writing and musing, coffee sipping and eating my sweets.

sundate no.11_17

Café Mary Grace menu was lovely as I expected it to be, I was drooling to eat pasta while browsing it but not this time because I’m feeling classy and lush, a big-time wannabe. Hahaha. So we got a tasteful of this and that.

sundate no.11_18

Cappucino Regular P98. Its froth and coffee art alone makes me wanted to come back, I’m very pleased with my cup.

sundate no.11_19

Traditional Chocolate P110. This is what Christmas is all about, it’s a Christmas recipe which I’ve been missing from my childhood, and I was telling the husband that while he was finishing his merry cup.

sundate no.11_20

Sansrival P105. Crisp and chewy meringue, French butter cream and cashews –a torte truly without rival! This is to die for! ♥

sundate no.11_21

Mary Grace Ensaymada Classic P90. 100% real butter and eggs, topped with grated Edam cheese! Soft and delicate, pure and premium. Handmade and homemade. Guaranteed fresh from the oven!

sundate no.11_22

Lemon Squares P19/pc. Yes, I’m addicted to this eversince I got a mouthful of it at Cucina Andare and Purple Oven. I’m getting it anytime whenever it’s available.

sundate no.11_23

I’m very sure that this occasion would be followed and I’m getting myself some flavorful pasta and hearty sandwiches and more delectable desserts next.

sundate no.11_24

Thank you for the warm welcome!

sundate no.11_24sundate no.11_26

That’s me and my favorite date! ♥



Café Mary Grace
Unit 1-A Kalayaan Avenue. Makati City

2 responses to “sundate no.11 part ii

  1. iyassantos September 23, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    waha! hope you like the corned beef and the luncheon meet. hahaha parang magiguilty ako pag hindi mo nagustuhan ha. :)) im not a fan of the luncheon meat though. :p

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