The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.10

Sundays, I’m one becoming addicted to you. ♥

sundate no.10_20

Like most of the corporate slaves I know (like me) weekends are for family bonding, pig-out, travelling, sleeping and all other activities you most likely missed during the work week. For a busy bee that’s me joggling between the pressures of a procurement job and running a home with an equally demanding and babyish husband (which is an ordeal I have to pound) I claim Sunday as mine, it’s the day to slow down and my day to do what I really want. 🙂 And so when Friday is nearing, I’m like jumping on my office chair energized to welcome a well-deserved break.

sundate no.10_13sundate no.10_14

Last Sunday was extra-ordinary because we were home in my parents’ house and every time we visit I make sure to schedule a day out with the kids, other than I was capable to pay for more than two meals this time I’m fortunate to spend a Sunday morning with the fambam.

sundate no.10_1

Goodmorning! It was a lovely sundate! 😛

I was up at 6am trying to wake up the entire household, I know it’s very hard to get up especially that the weather is so much cooler now so I connived with my baby B to give her Dadi, Tita C and Ate Sam a goodmorning kiss. B normally do that to us (husband and me), her wet kisses is her way of waking us up. We can’t be so-so late, time is running, we can’t miss the best time to eat breakfast, so, I declared no-shower for everyone because that would definitely take time, a quick washing-up and tooth brushing would do. Remember that the best time to have breakfast is within an hour of waking up. Google it! 🙂

sundate no.10_12

I bookmarked Bag of Beans Breakfast Buffet about a year ago but never had the chance to try it during our many visits in Tagaytay, we have to skip it over and over again for reasons we’re late for the buffet flat time, other times I’m not in my best mood and some other time I’m short of cash to go. So when last Sunday happened minus the overly planning I’m so much thankful.

sundate no.10_4

When we arrived at Bag of Beans buffet area half of the place was already filled with early risers –I can’t help but love the morning vibes, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the elderly folks savoring their hearty plate, in fact Bag of Beans is one of the many breakfast places I love for its cozy feel and natural setting, counting as well its charming decors.

sundate no.10_16

I shy away from taking photos of the breakfast spread but contrary to the many reviews I read, it’s worth the price for me. At P395+ we get to sample American and Filipino breakfast, coffee, hot chocolate (tablea made) and juices overflows. This may not be the complete spread, some I may have missed, the American breakfast includes –sausages cooked in two ways, corned beef, hash browns, waffles, mini eggs benedict, bacon, pork and beans, cereals. Filipino breakfast includes –beef tapa, boneless bangus, baked tinapa with eggplant, tocino, longganisa, chicken adobo, steamed vegetables (okra and talong), green mango and bagoong, salted eggs, champorado, arrozcaldo, ginataang bilo-bilo. There was an egg station and dessert station too which includes coconut macaroons, éclairs (the best), brownies, fresh fruits. The bread station had at least 3 kinds of bread including butter and jam. Not to forget that they also had garden salad with vinaigrette dressing. I guess it’s not short of anything, its sulit!

And I’ll leave you drooling on what I savored that very special day.

sundate no.10_5

Beef tapa, bacon, tocino, sausages, pork & beans and garlic fried rice.

sundate no.10_6

Hot chocolate, it’s velvety and thick

sundate no.10_7

The happy plate –hashbrown, waffle, bacon & mini eggs benedict

sundate no.10_8

Chicken adobo, boneless bangus and baked tinapa with garlic fried rice

sundate no.10_9

Brewed coffee, éclairs & choco chip

sundate no.10_10

Mango crepe which was overly sweet, they filled it with marmalade instead of the regular mango slice. The only epic fail amongst.

sundate no.10_11

My family undoubtedly enjoyed the spread except for my Nanay who was nursing a bad flu then. She told us later on that she could have eaten more if not feeling drowsy and cold. Nevertheless, everyone had a good time, and little did everyone know I arranged the morning date to celebrate Tatay and Nanay’s 40th wedding anniversary. I admire my parents for keeping the ties together so I’m wishing their marriage to stay stronger and better with less argument and more bonding, with less nagging and more loving, with less worry and more laughter. I wish my own marriage would flourish like that.

sundate no.10_17sundate no.10_18sundate no.10_19sundate no.10_15

Cheers to more Sunday love! ♥

sundate no.10_3sundate no.10_2

photo from here

Bag of Beans
115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West
4120 Tagaytay City
T.  046 4132724

6 responses to “sundate no.10

  1. madjewel September 22, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    lovely sunday! i’m intrigued by that baked tinapa. your weekend with your family is very inspiring, i’m kinda stingy hehe and doesnt even bother to bring some pasalubong ;p i hope to change that next time I go home 🙂

    • january September 23, 2013 at 6:08 pm

      it’s all but shredded tinapa and layers of eggplant but what makes it extra special was the thick topping of cheese. 🙂

      and thank you for the kind words, indeed it was an inspiring weekend and i hope to keep that.

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