The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

visiting tiendesitas

This is the last installment of our sundate.

batibot chair

Coming from Antipolo we drove back via Ortigas Ave. Extension this time. It’s faster from our entry point which was Sumulong Highway. And since Tiendesitas is within our way, we stopover to do some tsinelas shopping and to look for batibot chairs, unfortunately I didn’t brought home any of the two. The native slippers I’m eyeing were out of stock and the last few pieces were either small or old stock (with traces of dirt). The batibot chair I like was pretty expensive at P1,800 per piece. Wala sa budget! So we’ll check Paco for cheaper options, besides there’s no need to rush for this. Hehehe

st. bernard

And because there’s an ongoing construction at Tiendesitas, there’s not much to see. At the pet zone, I spotted plentiful of lab retrievers that were the same age of B’s puppies by now. I can’t help but stop and play with them for a while, they’re too cute to snub and turn my back. But this giant duo is too pitiful to look at, they look strain from humidity. The fan doesn’t seem to help. I hope these pet shops would realize that this breed needs a cooler weather or better if they will be kept inside the air-conditioned shop.


At mid-afternoon I needed a cooler place too so we moved to SM Hypermarket, my tummy growls soon as I smell food but dining choices are limited here. I remember Jewel’s write-up about Kanzhu, so we gave it a try.


Kanzhu specializes on hand-pulled noodles so there’s no doubt that you’ll be getting freshly made noodle soups.


Mixed Seafood Noodle Soup P150. The bowl is really big and filled but somehow short of seafood. Anyway for its price, I think its worth enough. I didn’t finish the entire bowl because there’s too many noodles and soup. 🙂

Leoncio had Beef Tendon Noodle Soup P160 but I do not have a good photo of it.

For every order of hand-pulled noodles customer can get any cold appetizer, well except for the Appetizer Sampler, at 50% off. We got two.


Century Egg P80 (paid half price only). It was gelatinous and creamy. We both love this. ♥


Shredded Potato Salad P80 (paid half price only). I’ve read that this is a popular northern Chinese dish, mixed with chili and vinegar so expect the taste and its consistency uncommon. I ate more than half of the serving.

Kanzhu is affordable especially with that 50% off for cold appetizers, the place is fairly clean despite its open restaurant style but service is a bit slow. I remember following up twice our meals and thrice for the bill. They’re not undermanned, they just need to be extra attentive for a demanding customer like me. Hahaha.

Told you it’s a lovely Sunday, how did you spend yours? 🙂



Ground Floor, SM Super Center Frontera Verde, E Rodriguez Jr Avenue, Pasig City
T. +632 5763962
M. +63932 8701053

4 responses to “visiting tiendesitas

  1. madjewel September 14, 2013 at 10:58 am

    funny that we were also in Tiendesitas last Sunday! and we tried LingNam for the first time. We only order Kanzhu’s braised beef noodles bec the other noodles with beef in it are somewhat chewy.

  2. Lui September 20, 2013 at 6:20 am

    I love batibot chairs and I have one 😉
    I got sad looking at the dogs too ;-(
    And lastly, I am OK and I thank you for your concern and prayers.
    I will be back in the hospital Sept. 30

    • january September 20, 2013 at 4:18 pm

      lui, i’m so happy to hear from you again. more prayers for you during the RAI procedure on month end. i know you’ll brave every storm, and i know you’ll come out even stronger after this. big hugs to you and to the hounds in heaven! >:D<

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