The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.9

September 8, 2013. I woke up with gloomy skies this morning, it’s like it would rainfall anytime, it’s so bed-weather and I wanted to snag some more sleep. My Leoncio was still in dreamland because he doesn’t move a bit and somewhat smiling as if some fairies were tickling him (hmmm, fairies nga kaya?). But I’m decided, I needed to start my day early today because it’s Sunday. And Sunday is sacred and Sunday is my happiest day of the week, I’m making that official now. ♥ And as formerly planned we’ll go somewhere else to have breakfast.


At 7:30am, Leoncio and I were still joggling between Makati, Pasig or Marikina. If I were to decide alone I’ll certainly go in Makati area, but after seeing lovely photos of that quaint and bluish breakfast place in Pasig I started to have second thoughts. I long stared on its big breakfast plate, its breakfast heaven in a plate, but Leoncio was not so impressed. It’s like uh-okay to him. So we moved to option no. 3, the homey and charming breakfast place known for its beautiful façade. Leoncio was convinced but Marikina is quite distant and complicated for us. Oh ney! They have a branch in Katipunan! Malayo ba ang Katipunan? Can you drive there? He just gave me a big smile and asked me to get landmarks of the place.

Because I’ve never been to QC many times in my life I’m so lost with the place but Leoncio’s field work exposed him to the metro’s main and side streets, side streets the most because he’s always running off from horrible traffic. Before I knew it we’re already in the surrounding area of White Plains, I never thought it’s this near.


*Do not confuse yourself, Pan de Amerikana comes after the rival bakery from Edsa-White Plains


Pan De Amerikana even from outside is picturesque, the idea of an upside-down automobile and bicycle was so brilliant, completely out of the ordinary.


Pan De Amerikana is double picturesque inside, for first timers like us its interior alone is feast to our eyes. I was spellbound with the upside-down concept, with its rustic vibe and greens and memorabilia.


Even without asking anyone, I’m guessing Mr. Jundio Salvador is the man behind this whimsical restaurant. He’s a Master Photographer and that explains really well why he tastefully designed PDA as some kind of a secret garden –picture perfect for my taste, that even the comfort rooms had this cute touch. I can’t help but took some snap shots of the details.


Oh there is my city love! ♥


At around 8am, there were plenty of breakfast goers already. I had a hard time choosing a table for us, I wanted a corner because the tables were long and tend to be good for big groups, we transferred thrice until we had the comfy seat of my choice.


It’s easy to fall in love with the place and almost forgot what brought us there this early –ah breakfast love, yes, we ordered a little too much. 😛


Tapa (served with rice and egg) P65. It’s Leoncio’s staple amongst the silog meals. He told me it’s tender and flavorful but I was busy with my blogging routine –to shoot first. Hehehe


Tocino (served with rice and egg) P65. I won’t grow tired eating this pork belly, forget about that it’s cured and unhealthy.


Everlasting P50. It’s Marikina’s signature dish so I didn’t fail to get an order of this. It tasted pretty the same of embotido only that it’s cooked in llaneras. I got a whole llanera take out for P160 and 6 pieces of their large sized wheat pandesal.


We also tried their Pandesal Sandwich P30, Tuna for me and Corned Beef for my beef-lover better half. It was so heavy and rich.

Would be great if they served brewed instead of the regular instant coffee, never mind I got Mango Shake.


I’d love to go back, really love to because the place is beautiful, a stand-out really, service is fast (with a little slip on my request), dishes are cheap and the food…is all breakfast heaven. ♥




We drove a little far-flung from the city after our hearty breakfast meal, it’s utterly unplanned and like the past Sunday I had good vibes but something wrong happened and for a while I felt unsafe but not really annoyed. I’m changing habits and it’s all because I’m starting my day right. Next…


*you see that gash on the tire, it was hit badly and we need a new spare and probably a new set of mags too because it goes right into it 😐



Pan De Amerikana
131 Katipunan Avenue Corner St Ignatius, Katipunan, Quezon City
T. +632 4425601
M. +63917 8811884

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  2. Tina September 13, 2013 at 8:23 pm

    this is also included in my breakfast list but have yet to try – lovely pictures! ❤

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