The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!



Since it was way too early to head home yesterday after the rustic morning feel at Pan de Amerikana, we’ve both decided that we’ll drive somewhere nearer but definitely not SM Marikina. Hehehe. Leoncio told me that Antipolo is already close by our current location so straight away we drove towards Marcos Highway and Sumulong Highway. Once at Sumulong Highway, there were flashbacks running in my head. I remember some night outs with my super G’s at Padi’s Point, getting drunk and wasted at Leonardo’s and slowing down while overlooking Manila’s skyline by night. I remember those flee using the company vehicle with the P logo on it, and eventually worried about being questioned later on. But we can easily declare, uhm we’re doing some site visits to members. The perks of being an activist, masyadong malakas ang loob to do things. Hahaha. When we passed by Cloud 9, I felt a sudden gloominess. Its sky deck was once witnessed to my misery. I remember how my heart tore into pieces and cry out loud one summer, it’s the boy –the one that got away! In another life, I won’t ask him to stay! Not a fan of Katy Perry eh. So much of musing over of the past here, I’m happier now and in a much happier place. 🙂


We have a smooth drive along the stretch of Sumulong Highway until almost at the intersection of J.P. Rizal St. when all of a sudden we somewhat hit something bad, it cause us to slow down because we’re already running flat by now.


We thought of it as normal flat tire that a vulcanizing shop can fix but lo and behold when we checked on the flat tire, the gash is fairly deep and worst it even hit the mags. It’s the first time in six years ever since we got Winnie, its Leoncio’s first time to get his hands on the jack and wrench kit. It was exhausting I know, he sweated a lot and I couldn’t be of any help except for moral support. Anyhow, he quickly finished off, the spare tire was used for the record since we had it three years ago but I do not really like it that Winnie’s tire (rear right-side) is mounted only on a plain steel rim this time. Spell gastos to come! Hay!


So as not to spoil our supposed visit in Antipolo, we play it cool besides we can’t do much about the incident, whether there were some individuals who purposely put nails on the road to cause the accident it’s the least of our concern. All we have is good intentions to visit the Our Lady of Peace and Good Boyage, despite having a bad one.


I noticed that while we’re nearing the church, some men would approach our car and throw hand signal, even not completely hearing them I know they mean “parking”. See that guy on brown cap? He led us to the parking area right into the church’s compound. I don’t mean to say this but it appears to me like some modus operandi especially if they sense we’re visitors, Leoncio tried to tip the usher but he refused payment after we secured a parking space, and only advertised the stall which we can buy suman and cashews later on. Anyhow, we’re not really forced to buy any, we brought home suman and cashew because crave for it and I guess no visit in Antipolo would be complete without bringing home these deli.


We chance an on-going mass at Antipolo Cathedral so we stayed and attended it. Besides it was Mama Mary’s birthday so our timing was perfect. I’ve prayed and prayed even harder for a safe drive home.


Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (Spanish: Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buen Viaje), also known as the Virgin of Antipolo (Filipino: Birhen ng Antipolo), is a 17th-century Roman Catholic brown wooden statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary venerated by Roman Catholics in the Philippines. The statue depicting the Immaculate Conception of Mary, is enshrined at the Antipolo Cathedral in the city of Antipolo in Rizal province.[1]

The image was originally brought to the country by Governor Juan Niño de Tabora from Mexico via the galleon El Almirante. His safe voyage across the Pacific Ocean was attributed to the image and was given the title of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. It was substantiated later by six other successful voyages of the Manila-Acapulco Galleons with the image aboard as its patroness.[1][2] During the 1630s, its several mysterious disappearance from its church in construction and later reappearance on top of a tipolo (breadfruit) tree (artocarpus incisa) led to the relocation of that church to its current location, where the tipolo tree was situated. The pedestal where the image is now enshrined has been traditionally made from the trunk of the tipolo tree.[3] The town of Antipolo itself was named after the tree for its abundance in the area.[4]

The statue is one of the most celebrated images of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Philippines, gaining devotees since the mid-19th century.[4] From May to July each year, the town of Antipolo attracts thousands of devotees from all over country and abroad. {source: wikipedia}


If not for the earlier incident, we’d love to explore Antipolo a bit, I’ve read about this Korean buffet that has already a branch near Sumulong Circle but we’re still quite stuffed from our hearty breakfast so we ditched the idea and drove home. Actually, we made another stop before completely going home. Continued…



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