The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

i seldom rant

But well, today is one of those days when I have to speak my mind, I feel I need to do it here rather other than someone or some people might get it wrong. You see I’ve been known to be a bad-tempered one and people at work most likely see me a stuck-up, bratty, snobby, prickly, cantankerous, cranky, has an attitude, acting like a bitch. Lahat na di ba? I know I’ve been that several years ago, but work calls for it. Work needed someone who’s tough that’s why I qualify for it. I was being complained for my “katarayan” many times by co-workers and even officers, but really I don’t do crabby lines because I just wanted to, believe me most of them were called for. If you want a better response, paki-ayos po ang question nyo. I’ll give you my intelligent analysis and resolution even if we’re not friends, kaya there’s no need to befriend me. I’m not friendly because we don’t need to be friends at work in the first place. Ganyan ako ka-mean whenever I sense some user-friendly people trying to be nicey-nicey on me. But as I’ve mentioned I’ve been that years ago, meaning I’ve changed and morphed by now, I’m more nicer and friendlier (if being friendly only means easy to talk to) but still unsociable. I welcome many changes even preceding my career advancement in the company, I rethink that a welcoming attitude is essential tho some bosses may still find me distant. Sorry but I’m not really someone who’s easy to open up, I’m not a good talker by all means. But ask me anything about work, I sure have plenty of helpful information to communicate.

A good leader must be a good follower first. It was probably thought even before my girl scouting days in grade school and I truly believe it. That’s why I maybe complaining inside but I’d always find myself doing what was ordered. I don’t work in a company where martial law still exists so I can always say my piece after the task is completed. Kaya I don’t need to be nega all the time. These days I choose to dwell on the other side of the fence and see the productive part. I know I’m almost there to being one.

Do not do unto others what others do unto you. Yes, it’s the golden rule and I firmly hold onto it. I don’t speak of anyone behind their back because its crap. Go get a life!

Life is not fair –get used to it! Bill Gates’ said it many times during his speeches about the rules of life and anyone reading this blog should be able to figure it out. It’s normal to get envious but instead of wasting your time blabbing about your seatmates do something valuable so you can buy your own iPad. Hahaha.

Power comes with great responsibility said Uncle Ben. When you aim for something bigger and higher be cautious that it won’t end there, it’s not a title per se. Competent will be measured and you will be tested many times.

Don’t ask for respect, earn it! Period.

Now, why I am saying all these? I feel bad for some people at work, I feel bad that they become one-sided and impatient and jealous. I feel bad that they think no good of the company or the people around. I see them like most Pinoys complaining about our government. Have ever asked yourself if you’ve done your part? What was your involvement to the company’s call to cost cut and be more productive? Like many of you, I once was like you but I challenge myself to get better if not the best, I learned it the hard way but I have no single regret at it because it made me a stronger and responsible person that is.

These happenings were 2 weeks old now and have nothing to do with my rants above, it’s only that I miss my maternal happy,

djsam & ninong jb

I’ll miss them again on the forthcoming weekend.

aug 25, 2013

I’ll miss the fun.

By the way, it’s our Ina’s 3rd death anniversary today and we all dearly miss her. We’re sending our hugs and kisses in the sky.

happy 40th anniv!

And lastly my Tatay and Nanay celebrates their 40th wedding anniversary today. May you share everything together—in happiness, in annoyance, in laughter and in joy! 🙂

Weekend is just around the corner, have a happy and meaningful one! ♥


4 responses to “i seldom rant

  1. docgelo September 6, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    Guess what? I can so relate! I can be so obnoxious and overly sarcastic at anyone who’s just the same. And at work? Don’t get me started. God knows I am thankful for everything but if there’s a better office with a greater opportunity that will hire me, I’ll spread my wings in no time.

    Hay! Happy weekend, nonetheless!

  2. Irish Panganiban September 6, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    Hala HB na!!! Easy Lang…😊😊😊smile Lang!

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