The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

kate & kurt

I love the fact that Leoncio is a cowboy, he’s not maarte by all means but at times he can be picky and moody with his food and everything. And because he’s a cowboy (and I’m a cowgirl 😀 hahaha) we can go anywhere, we can do anything and we can live anyhow.

Another thing about him is he doesn’t enjoy in-betweens, say posh it should really be luxurious to his taste –Rustan’s over SM, he would of course pick the former; when we dated in Acaci during our anniversary last year, he kept on favoring Spirals. He loves H&M because it’s not yet in Manila. And he would forever favor hole-in-the-wall eatery over casual dining-pretend to-be restaurants in the city. That’s him, now you know that I am the one responsible for most sundates and fridates because those were cheap and so-so.


Kate & Kurt Lapaz Batchoy –one of those hole-in-the-wall eateries that meet his standards, it passes his hard to please palate and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂


Kate & Kurt is located at the corner of Emilia St. and Hilario St. in Barangay Palanan and across Scandic Palace, it’s easy to miss if you are not familiar with the place but if you’re like me who loves observing the street and outside when passing through you’ll definitely notice that its always busy, it gave me a hint that the food must be good. So one Friday eve before driving home to south, we stopover to sample it.


The place was actually packed when we arrived and save for an outdoor table which I grab hold to ensure we’ll get to dine right away. Leoncio loves canteens like this, with no-frills, easy to read menu and service is fast.


So it’s normal that we get the house bestseller –Lapaz Batchoy. If not for the overcooked noodles this could have been the perfect comfort food that rainy Friday night. And best served if boiling hot. A single bowl is good to share especially if you have rice meal order like ours.


I got tocilog, it looks boring but it’s something I love to order again and again.


And Leoncio had Buto-Buto with rice. I was picturing this dish cooked like adobo style at first but it was more like nilaga, which did not disappoint him. In fact, he copied the recipe and cooked a week after. Yes, he now slowly loves the kitchen. 😛


I wanted to hang out but our seat outside was not conducive for killing time and it started to rainfall. We left happily because we just discovered a new place to have quick dinners that is cheap and tasty. Pasok na pasok sa budget! And it proves me really that Ilonggos are gentle and soft-spoken. Thank you “dongs” for the pleasant service and for the genuine smiles. ♥



Kate & Kurt Lapaz Batchoy
Emila St. cor. Hilario St., Palanan, Makati City
T. +632 2399598

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