The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.8 (continued)

Maybe the coming of the “ber” had really something to do with my good mood last Sunday that despite the wrong turn at CAVA, despite its being over my budget, despite the disappointment with the spread, I laughed it off and go on. Oh, I have to mention and commend here CAVA’s server who attended us, he was so attentive and he ensures all our request were taken care of, I don’t remember doing a small follow up on anything. Thank you for the superb service, you just made my day bright and breezy! 🙂

Anyhow, Leoncio and I had no plans that Sunday so we raided the mall as early as 10am. We went first to David’s at SM Makati but my stylist was not coming, I was considering another one but none have come in yet. In any other given day, a scene like that would easily annoy me but surprisingly not that day. I gently say we’ll come back and we left. What else to do in the mall at that early? Shopping is the least of my priority to say, there was no good deal to look at in the first place (and no enough moolah to splurge 😀 ). So, a pampering session was scheduled at this instant, a foot pampering session to be exact at Let’s Face It! The happy thing, I finally convinced Leoncio to join me. 😛

sundate no.8.2_1

It was sweet, no it was the sweetest ‘ney! ♥♥♥

We spent a good 3 hours at the salon, actually it doesn’t bore me or him because the lazy boy seat is too comfy to turn off. And I want one for us, a 2-seater maybe so we won’t fight on who gets to sit first. Hehehe

And like the usual Sundays when we’re out we don’t skipped the supermarket, it’s something that we both love doing and we don’t mind spending hours and hours pushing a cart. And because we’re mindless of the time, we didn’t take notice how 8 hours completely passed. I thought a good brew would be nice to cap off the day but Leoncio was craving for some red meat, oh my! How can I say no when it’s very seldom of him to speak his mind?

sundate no.8.2_7

Hence, our sundate series last September 1, 2013 extended over dinner time.

sundate no.8.2_3

We’re thorn between Chili’s and Friday’s but he decided that we go to Friday’s, it’s nearer from our last check in (6750). Never mind that we’ve been here for sundate no.2 because we feel like celebrating Christmas in September.

sundate no.8.2_4

Its wish granted! We got Jack Daniel’s Rib! A rack of baby rack pork ribs cooked until its fall-of-the-bone-tender. Then we seasoned the ribs with Cajun spices, fire-grilled them, glazed them with their famous Jack Daniel’s sauce and served with crispy seasoned fries.

sundate no.8.2_5

I couldn’t ask for more, I smell so Christmassy with this Full Rack smiling at me. ♥

sundate no.8.2_6

We ordered our usual pasta choice, the Puttanesca. Why? Because it’s the healthiest choice amongst and to validate my claim you can check it here, see that vegetarian sign?

I wanted a Mud Pie but there’s no room for it, I’m so full and wanting only a belly rub (parang si B lang! hahaha). 

sundate no.8.2_8

Hey September, we had a lovely date on the 1st day, thank you for making it merry even without the decors and lighted trees yet. We’re looking forward to more merry occasion and sundates. ♥



Let’s Face It! 
Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center, Makati City
T. 815-1201 


T.G.I. FRIDAY’S Glorietta
3rd floor, Glorietta 3, Ayala Center Makati City
T.  7527685 | Fax No – 8928910


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