The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.8


I’m egg-cited to wake up, it’s one of the Sundays I told myself yesterday as I hurry fix myself and get dressed. I kept on telling Leoncio, we’ll gonna be late it’s nearing 8am already. I don’t know but all I have was positive vibes for the day so despite a bad hair day, a lousy get up and a contracted parking space I was all smiling welcoming the sunshine. I miss the sun for God’s sake. 😀


CAVA was never heard and I have no idea there exist a place until yesterday morning.


CAVA serves buffet breakfast as early as 6am (I assume) and ends at 10am (I’m assuming again).

CAVA’s breakfast buffet is priced at P400 and I find it not cheap at all. 😦


The food station was small and food is minimal, just the average breakfast spread enough to nourish you in the morning.

Leoncio quickly filled his plate with carbo and more carbo on his second, I don’t exactly remember the rest because I was busy musing and minding my own plate.


I took a slow phase and had greens to begin my breakfast.


I ate leisurely and had peeping hot rice porridge, I topped it generously with garlic and green onion. I got a piece of round rye bread and had butter and jam to go with it.


After a round of omelet with everything on it (cheese, onion, tomato, ham) I asked for a sunny-side up, gooey and delicious. ♥


Oh there, I remember the server told us earlier that we could request pancakes. I requested of course.


I was dreaming of bacon or sausages because I’m guessing tocino won’t be a staple here mostly because its dining guests were foreigners. But it surprised me that they offer only longganisa, the only viand alongside with the oriental looking fried rice, garlic noodles and stir-fry veggies.


I warmly asked for vinegar that goes really well with our local chorizos.


Because we’re converted cereal addicts just before now we needed a good fix which we affectionately shared.


And concluded our meal with fresh fruits –papaya and pineapple.

Coffee is limitless as well as orange and lemon juices.

But…CAVA is another of our wrong turn, hahaha, we could have been savoring sausages and corned beef hash and salmon and tuna and yogurts if we didn’t sleep walk like zombies.

Maybe I was light headed when we stepped in at CAVA and it took long for me to realize that we should have been dining nowhere but in a quaint wooden restaurant which is laid-back and cozy and perfect for morning meals.


SMILE 🙂 Old Swiss Inn Restaurant, I shall book you on the next Sunday. I promise to be in my single-mindedness!



CAVA Bar and Restaurant
Ground Floor, The Somerset Olympia
Makati Avenue, Makati City
T. +63 2 7524060

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