The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month! and cronut craze

I don’t easily jump to bandwagon that’s it. At times, I’m almost the last one to try it in my case. I wanted the hype to die down and then try it on my own. *Exceptions are made only if I really love the product, the food or I needed it that bad, but it rarely happens.

When J.Co Donuts opened its first branch in Manila more than a year ago, I thought of it as another Krispy Kreme, another foreign donut company that is overly sweet. I see like KK it would be a hit and it did. I think it even surpassed the fame of KK, just look at every J.Co store the queue is long and irritating to look at. Hehehe.


Two weeks ago I finally gave it a try, I grabbed a dozen to examine (as if a half dozen won’t do 😀 ). Photo above was the commotion inside J.Co in Glorietta 2. I was really absorbed by the crowd getting boxes and boxes, actually it’s cheap if you buy 2 dozens because it’s P550 only while a dozen alone will cost you P350.


Soon as we arrived at home, I quickly unboxed to sample it. And finally my own verdict, the donut itself is too soft and airy for me. The appearance per se was sloppy so in short it failed to impress me. 😦 I would still go for Krispy Kreme because they have my favorite New York Cheesecake. 😛


And while writing this post I read this comment somewhere over the donut battle,

 X says: I don’t even get why people line up for J. Co donuts in the first place…………
Y replies: for instagram and facebook sake! 


Hahaha! Very true! 😀


Next was the CRONUT.

cafe france french donut_2

When cronut was introduced to Manila some months ago, every blogger I follow wrote about it right away. But because it cost more than doubled the donut I fancy I lost interest on it, just because it’s donut and croissant into one don’t do much justice for me to plunge and get one. That’s me eh?

cafe france b1t1

Last Friday night was a different story for me, as we lined up for Café France Buy One Take One in SM Makati we found cronut looking pastry. Thought it’s included in the closing promo sale so we grabbed two but once at the counter we were advised it’s not so to avoid the awkwardness we still pay for one. It’s sold for P99 and is called French Donuts.

cafe france french donut_3

Café France French Donuts in Lemon Custard –zesty lemon-sugar icing atop numerous layers of buttery, crisp puff pastry filled with creamy lemon custard paste.

cafe france french donut_1

I cannot give my notes yet as the lone French donut remains refrigerated, I almost forgot it because I enjoyed much the usual favorite from Café France –the coffee buns! ♥

Now I wonder what’s comin’ to Manila next…



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