The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

missing B

Every Friday I look forward to two things, it’s either I look forward to a relaxing yet out of the ordinary weekend with Leoncio –dining out, coffee sipping, sleeping, malling and shopping or can be an impromptu out of town. The other one, I look forward to coming home and be Momi to Bea –cuddles, playtime, mealtimes, sleep time, day outs, drive-thru. Truly I look forward on the latter because we got to spend an average of one weekend in a month with her and its making me feel oh so guilty. 😦

weekends with b_1weekends with b_2weekends with b_3weekends with b_4

I love weekends with B, we can take afternoon naps together, I’ll get to feed her, she has all the time to bug me, we get to share food, she can play silly and naughty, we can sleep together and Dadi can walk and run her around. You see we’re turned a little athletic when she is around because she’s so lively and hates shiftless schedules. But I’m guilt-ridden on the multiple of promises I made to her, I won’t promise anymore Bunso but Momi will find time, Momi will buy time if I have to. I love you so much that I wish I don’t need to go to work and be with you everyday.

And everytime I’ll bid goodbye to her my heart breaks into pieces, I can’t stand the sadness in her eyes. I’m always like crying while giving her a hug. Each time I have to leave her its hurting me more and more. I know it sounds odd and insignificant to many, they say I should get and help a child instead of her but who are you to tell me what to do. Who are you to tell me things? I know myself better and I know I love her with all my heart. I’m not selfish, it’s just this is my choice and I’m happy with it. Someday, we’ll never part. We’ll grow old together, we’ll welcome sunrise and watch the sundown together, I’ll be forever Momi to you my sweet furry pup. 🙂


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