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his name day

My husband gets to celebrate two birthdays in a year, his birth date on January and his name day in August. His name day according to the old folks back in Ilocos is Leoncio but nowhere can I find a calendar that says so. The Gregorian calendar says it should be Aurora or Hipolito, so I’m totally lost here.

Every year, it’s a tradition that his siblings would go home to Ilocos to celebrate his name day even if he’s not physically around. They believe that skipping the celebration would mean sickness for the old man that is my father-in-law and so my Leoncio’s, so, even my brother-in-law who’s now Canada based would call to remind everyone of the date. It’s bigger and celebrated than his birth date and I can’t complain more because I feel my in-laws care for my husband, it’s beyond measure. I wish I’m getting the same significant attention too from my own. 😦 Sigh!


Anyhow, because it’s impossible for us to drive in Ilocos last Tuesday we had a little observance to mark his name day. After picking me up from my office we drove going to Makati, we were in the mood to eat Chinese but I don’t want the mall ambiance. He was suggesting Next Door at Makati Avenue but my thoughts about traffic and trouble in getting a decent parking would annoyed me right there and there so while on the road we’re thinking of a better option. I suggested Som’s Noodle House in a flash, but it’s not Chinese so I had second thoughts of him liking my preference. And I remember our first and last dining experience at Som’s (Mandaluyong branch, the one that ceased operation already), he did not enjoy at all, so, I was surprised that he gave me a nod even before we go across Rockwell.


We’ve been passing Som’s everytime we take the route Rockwell going to Makati but because its location tucked in a residential area we have an issue –parking foremost. But probably because it’s a weekday and it was still early when we arrived at the place we never had any issue at far. I would have wanted to dine outdoor but with my flu getting worst in Manila’s abnormal weather, we chose the air-conditioned area.


Because I needed a hot soup to die down my coughing, we got an order of Tom Yam. I was expecting it to be extra spicy so I asked to do it mild spicy only, I want to savor the soup without leaving my tongue sore from its sharp taste, a good kick of spiciness is enough. When it was served I was telling myself that it’s too spicy, you can easily tell from its reddish soup. But I was wrong, there’s no hint of spicy seasoning to it, the broth is sour but no chili peppers. The only comfort is the fragrant herb and prawns concoct on it.


I asked a dish similar to birthday noodles, the order taker offered Phad Thai and I knew right that it’s made of noodles. We order this back before and because it was too spicy I didn’t get the taste. I asked the order taker to make it less spicy but to my surprise she told us that it’s not even spicy at all. O wow! That sounds pretty good but it kept me wondering why.

Just look at our Phad Thai order before here, this one in beef with chili peppers. And the one we got recently with seafood less the spice.

We added an order of Pork Rice Topping (extreme from photo above) to complete our set, it was too plain and boring and I’d rather not talk about it anymore. 😦


And because there’s a grill stand outside Som’s we got our favorites –isaw, pig ears and longganisa. Yum!


You know that I’m no fan of milk tea but this Thai tea got me, not too sweet and not too strong for my taste. I’ll definitely come back for this. 🙂


And to end dinner, I got us Sticky Rice which we savor up to its last bite.


I don’t know if we had an authentic Thai so I wouldn’t claim it as one. Try Som’s and you be the judge.


Btw, happy birthday to my one and only shopping partner! ♥



Som’s Noodle House
5921 Alger St.
Poblacion, Makati
T. 632 836-0075

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