The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

eat when you’re sick

A week ago I was down with a very bad flu, I have to absent myself from work for two days before the long weekend to recover. It was bad and really awful especially that I’m no longer used to getting sick and getting a bed rest, well I was a sickly kid when I was growing up and spent most weekends visiting the doctor but that was way long ago and I almost forgot how it feels when the temperature reading is at 40 degrees until last Wednesday night. 😦 The husband was panicky and was sleepless observing my fever, he’s insisting that we go at the nearby hospital while I’m self-assured that I’ll make it in the morning. And yes I woke up totally sore that Thursday morning, fever dropped down to 38 and continued to jump down, the pills really helped but I remained weak and powerless the whole time. I don’t want to go over that same sickness, never again please.


Anyhow, prior to that feverish night I was out with my e-cousins, though I was already feeling the virus getting on me I say yes to my cousin Jojo. I don’t want to miss the fun, I don’t want to be left out and besides this reunion only happen once a year, so I thought I should go despite my sickness. I was thinking that it wouldn’t kill me fast after all we’ll just have dinner and have a chat. The group met me up at Rockwell but we drove to Greenbelt 3 at once after they decided to eat buffet.


And because my cousin from abroad missed Yakimix last year we gave it a try again, I mean the pain of waiting in line to try our luck. I don’t get it that on a weekday the queue is horrible, but since it was only 7:30pm we give it a go, we thought we could still savor a good dinner for the next 2 hours even if we got in by 9, we’re positive like that. 🙂 More to the point that my cousin Jojo promised to curse and hate Yakimix already if this dining event will not happen yet again. Annoying hehehe.


So after a good one hour and some more minutes we were given a seat, oh yes not a cramped one. We had two grillers on top so that makes it easy to cook and move around. My party started to fill the table with raw foods for the grilling part while I remained freeze for a while, I felt tired of something, my fever was acting but I need to survive the night.


I know this is very unlikely of me –I got myself a boring plate of sushi, some Chinese deli, a broccoli soup and I’m done already. It didn’t help that the husband was giving me some peeled shrimps, I can’t taste anything right, everything is bland and I easily felt stuffed. I nibble on my dessert like it’s some kind of poison because it took me forever to finish it. And I have to content myself from gazing at my party devouring on that plethora of seafood, meat and sweets. One day I’ll be back on track and I’ll feast like there’s no tomorrow.


I don’t care much of the food, I care more about the circle of people I’m dining with this time. My maternal family would always be my number one people in the world, they maybe in different form, in different cities, and literally indifferent at times but I always feel comfortable whenever they’re around.


I had fun despite my ailing tummy, my painful headache, my lightheadedness. It was nice to see you all my handsome cousins –JB, Wowie and Moki.


And to the ever wonderful couple –Jo and Che, thank you for the superb dinner!

P.S. I was touched by this,


…you really know how to make a bag person very happy. 😛



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