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Bei’s 6th and the Boi’s 1st happy birthdays ♥

Six years ago I had but second thoughts of getting another fur baby, it was a year only then when my Arianne passed away (btw, Arianne was the yellow lab I had from the ex) and I thought Arianne’s passing away was just recent, and that I’m still mourning, and getting a new fur baby would not really help. I had a week to think of and in the end it was a mutual decision of the husband and me that we will get the puppy. I was told that there two of them available, a black and a yellow, I was decided for the black even before we arrived at the place but unexpectedly I was more charmed to take home the yellow one. She was a darling, she was cuter, she was energetic and she had this pink nose I really love. From that day forward to present, she’s our big B, she’s my Bunso and my big rival to the husband’s attention –well, she may have thought I’m a bigger dog trying to steal all the attention from her Dadi. Hahaha

jul 8, 2013-1

Her name Bea short for Beatriz was beget from my being a big fan of PBB, of that same year Bea Saw was hailed as the big winner. And that our Bea had a sister named Wendy by my friend Babu, except that Wendy had long cross over the rainbow bridge. 😦 Bea to others maybe like any other ordinary working dog but to us, her human, she would forever be the one who filled the empty space between. She would forever be the constant reminder of love, of what unconditional love really means.

jul 8, 2013-2

**photo snatched from MJ’s timeline 🙂

And then there’s the Luckydoo whom we adopted back in November of last year. Lucky was the only litter who survived from Kate’s very own Fiffy and Kobe. He used to stay at Manang Linda’s place in Makati but I found the place unhealthy and inappropriate for his size. Not that the place is grubby or what, it’s just that their breed needs a bigger space to run around and a cooler location that is. We decided to adopt him for good tho I know it would be a chaos at my parent’s house with him around. So I was not really mistaken when he started to become a big headache at home, that was when he tried to pull down the Christmas tree, when he started to chew on cables and slippers, when he started to pee anywhere around the house, and when his playfulness accidentally hurt P. I’m almost giving him up because of the objections here and there. But I didn’t, he’s still a puppy for all I know and that makes him twice hard headed and naughty. We should know better because B was once like him. So for my household’s sake (who’s taking care of him also), he’s not allowed inside the house, sad fate for my Luckydoo I know. 😦

jul 8, 2013-3

July 8, 2013 the big B and the lucky Boi celebrated their birthdays together. It was really luck that both of them have the same birth date. It means that every year there after they will have a joint party. Momi and Dadi were the happiest because that means one party only and one gastos all-in, hehehe, kiddin’ aside we’re happy that their like us who normally celebrates birthdays communal every year.

jul 8, 2013-4

And last Monday we drove both of them to our happy place that was after going all over Tagaytay to drive Nanay do her Barangay errands. We had take outs only because the place was packed and dining them out would clearly be like starting a scene and getting everyone’s full attention.

jul 8, 2013-5

Back at home I asked Nanay to cook pancit and lumpiang shanghai, we got an order of puto and kutsinta and we bought a box of donut, which I turned into a tower cake for B.

jul 8, 2013-6

We had to do a separate candle blowing for B and Lucky because B never liked anyone invading her superstar status in the family, she’s conceited right but I never taught her to be one okay. It’s her nature because she was a spoiled ever since her puppy days. P like last year helped B blow her birthday candle.

jul 8, 2013-7

For Lucky I made his McDonald’s Cheeseburger his cake, and he’s a darling so behave when we were singing him happy birthday. But we have to put him on leash or else the party would be up like a running game.

jul 8, 2013-8

He loves his balloons and he really wanted to tap those. Isn’t he the cutest?

jul 8, 2013-10jul 8, 2013-9

Another year has gone by for B while Lucky is just starting his journey, I pray that both of them have the healthiest of body and biggest of appetite for the years to come. May the two of them grow old happily and thank you for gracing our life with so many wonderful memories.

jul 8, 2013-11

Happy Happy Birthday to our fur babies! 😛


happy birthday to you, Sweet Little One!


I’m still a kid at heart and parties and balloons and McDonald’s would always be my thing. So, there on my 34th birthday (years ago 🙂 ) I had myself a McDonald’s grown-up party at The Fort. That’s how crazy I can be when I think about my childhood being deprived of so many things because the family does not have enough money and my birthday always falls short of payday and heyday. Poor kid I am, sigh!


Anyhow, I should be talking more happy thoughts here and cut the drama because it’s not healthy for this blog. So where are we? The kid in me, yes, I was giddy when one of the husband’s granddaughters marked her first birthday. I was planning to gift her with cupcakes and more but a week before her party we were informed of the changes that it’s no longer happening at the roof top of their rented apartment rather it would be held at McDonald’s. I think it got me really excited that I ended up panic buying gifts for her. Thanks to Rustan’s Sale, the damage was not that bad. Hehehe

Fast forward to July 7, even coming all the way from Cavite I remained fresh and relaxed the time we arrived at The Fort area around noontime. It helped that it’s Sunday because traffic wasn’t an issue. For a while, husband and I lounged at Starbucks near MC Home Depot. The party was to start at 1:30pm, so we had an hour or so to kill time. You know I love Sundays like this, no worries, carefree and all. I wish I could live this life everyday. 😀


By 1:00pm we drove going to McDonald’s Pateros where the event was booked, I can’t contain my happiness seeing my happy place trimmed apt for the little princess –Ashanti Jenica.


The theme Disney Princess was just the thing that matched Cha-Cha’s cutey tiara.


She was the cutest of them all!


A McDonald’s birthday party would always be this bubbly, and any kid wanted to be part of it.


It’s entertaining that the games were not only meant for kids, the grown-ups had their own portion too. So I remember all the fun we had during my own McDonald’s party then. Now, I can’t help but feel grateful for the husband’s never-ending support to my babyish side. 🙂


We had fun, everyone had fun, and it’s evident on those smiles, big smiles that’s ear to ear. And Cha-Cha’s Mom and Dad was the happiest on earth.


And Tito G and Tita K was part of that happy thing too because they were the generous grandparents behind this big party.


Manang Linda looked stress-free because she does not need to worry a thing, not even the after party chaos.


And my Leoncio was the happy Lolo!


Like every occasion I’m almost becoming the official photographer, I only wish I had that talent to deliver so.


365 days have passed since you said hello world, in your sweet big eyes there is laughter, joy and hope, in your cute smile I can see a chance to shape the future. Happy 1st of the many birthdays to come little one! 😛


“Buon Giorno” from Tagaytay!

buon giorno! {good day, good morning, good afternoon (very early afternoon), hello}


Yet again last weekend was another eventful visit back at home. I took this 3-day off once more to spend more time with the family, to attend invites here and there and to celebrate my two loves birthdays. And to give fairness to everyone who made that weekend extra-special I’m doing a post one after the other.

buon giorno-1

On Saturday afternoon, we (Leonio, SAM and P) met up my cousins at Cliffhouse Tagaytay for Irish post-birthday blow out. It’s a yearly thing that we get to celebrate her birthday only that this time we’re numbered nonetheless it was of the same fun and mirth and generosity. I love cousins who treat me to posh restaurants. Hahaha

Anyhow, prior to our early dinner date with the Villa’s we made a side trip at Mahogany market first to buy veggies and pancit concoctions and SAM’s fruit bearing project, and dried fish (my favorite small tawilis) and ready-to-eat jackfruit which we consumed while wandering at the market place. I know Mahogany’s farm produce weren’t the cheapest and freshest, it’s touristy price and all but it’s nearby and always or probably most of the time open to public even at 12 noon. Well, for one reason this market place is famous for fresh and cheap beef meats. If you come around Tagaytay don’t miss to get a good stack of tenderloins and beef shank. So after completing Nanay’s list we drove down to Cliffhouse and waited for the Villa’s to arrive.

buon giorno-2buon giorno-3buon giorno-4

Cliffhouse was vey new to SAM and P so like any other place they’ve gone first time, they look over here and there, they frolic at the courtyard and enjoyed much the rocking chairs like I did. I don’t really know but those rocking chairs really have its own charm, everyone who passes by can’t help but sit down and rock for a while. Well, there’s this incident that involved the husband and Fire Lake Grill inhospitable guards, if I knew it right away I would probably smash their face and slap off their one day pay and told them to leave at once. I can be that evil and cruel if needed. And because I’m still irate until now, I might do another visit and dine at Fire Lake Grill and make you two feel uncomfortable in front of many including your bosses. Huwag nyo akong subukan because customer is always right! Hahaha

buon giorno-5

Ok, I’ll leave that issue for now. Back at our meeting with the Villa’s, the wait was not too long just enough for some photo ops with the very scenic view. And because we have long planned the venue, which is Boun Giorno this time, we didn’t waste anything more soon as we were all settled and seated. We chose the outdoor dining area because we thought it’s homey and relax, only that by late afternoon the mosquitoes were starting to bite. So be sure to apply insect repellent, tho the staffs were responsive enough to put some mosquito repellent coil (katol in short) at least.

buon giorno-6

Down to our much-awaited chow, it’s not my first time to taste Buon Giorno, I remember we had it once at the office but to my party the resto is very new so it’s no surprise that I have to do the ordering part. I have them to agree for a pasta and pizza combi first and some kiddie meal inclusion which turned out a delicious grown-up meal too.

buon giorno-7

When dining Italian, I always look forward for this complimentary bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I don’t know with you but I love its good taste –syrupy, smooth and sweet.

buon giorno-8

The first to arrive was P’s Mini Burgers and Fries. We were all wowed at how good it looked like. I wanted to get one for myself too.

buon giorno-9

SAM and Von’s Chicken Tender and Fries followed. Don’t be fooled, this too is part of BG’s kiddie meal. )

I got us three different pastas to share,

buon giorno-10

Gamberretti e Funghi Ravioli. Stuffed pasta with mushroom and shrimp filling topped with tomato sauce. The ravioli was too thick for me and the shrimp, well, not the freshest I have to say.

buon giorno-11

Lasagne al Forno. Alternate layers of spinach pasta, ragu and cheese. Not bad but not as good as I expect either.

buon giorno-12

Fettuccine alla Carbonarra. A classic Roman pasta with cream and eggs. This dull-looking plate surprisingly became everyone’s favorite probably because it’s the least complicated amongst.

I also got us two different pizza toppings,

buon giorno-13

New York Pizza. Assorted meat, bell peppers and cheese topping on crisp, crusty dough. It’s topped generously and I love its perfectly made thin crust.

Quattro Formaggi (no photo). Mixture of four cheeses: Mozzarella, Fontina, Parmesan and Gorgonzola. I intentionally got this one for the kids and of course for me who’d settle just by this pizza round with my favorite cheeses. 😛

Drinks that made us dropped Starbucks for a moment,

buon giorno-14

Iced Tea in tall glasses for the kids.

buon giorno-15

Von’s Mudslide Freeze

buon giorno-16

Irish’s Caramel Frappe

buon giorno-17

And my Café Latte

buon giorno-18buon giorno-19buon giorno-20

We wolfed down everything heartily while a good convo remained chatty, full of chismis that is going and happening around. Now you know whose my credible sources are!

buon giorno-21

Everyone passed for dolci (dessert) but not my Leoncio who has this same sweet tooth as mine. That’s the very reason why we fall to each other long ago; we both love the three C –chocolate, coffee and cheese! We got a slice of Cheesecake topped with Blueberry. It was thick but I like, it was cheesy which I love, love, love!

And for the record Starbucks was completely scrapped out that day because we all feel stuffed and heavy, overall Buon Giorno was a good break out from the usual pizza and quesadillas combo we’re all addicted at.

buon giorno-22

A belated happy birthday to Irish and a cheer from this bunch of special people!



Buon Giorno Caffe and Bistro-Tagaytay
4 Cliff House Tagaytay City, Cavite
T. 046 483-2102

the only happy end i know

Thank God It’s Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!


Photo from here.

P.S. I’m starting mine in a couple of minutes from now 😛