The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

someday i’ll claim these moments back

It’s the time of the week when nothing but excitement runs in my vein –we’re heading south and visiting the house again. I wanted to pull time and leave the workplace right away. I can’t wait to see B and Lucky, and the lone pup (kept back for MJ and Kate) after the brood was adopted a week ago. If it’s only me, I wanted to keep the puppy, even all of them but it’s too hard to manage especially that I’m not physically present to care for them. As if I can afford to feed them all, 😀 probably if my paycheck would double its amount I won’t give up any of them for adoption. And I’ll get them their own nanny so to ensure they are well taken care of –meals on time, some play, some pampering, some cuddles and B would have someone to tap her to sleep. B loves to sleep with humans and I know everytime we left her back it breaks her heart to pieces, sorry Bunso. 😦 I know how people at my household many times would yell at her for breaking the rules and I know how she’s poorly treated everyday we’re apart. They’re not cruel for the record but for someone who does give so much love to these creatures I’m almost certainly do not feel their concern for B.


I love B and the rest of my fur family and someday I’ll get them back with me and we’ll live happily ever after. In God’s will Bunso, Momi and Dadi will be an everyday stature once more and cuddles would be frequent and regular. And you would age with me like you deserve a comfortable home and more love on your senior years.


I love you Bunso, Dadi longs for your wet kisses every morning and he looks forward to see you back in shape. Tell our Luckydoo that we miss him too, his loud woofs and clinching and handsome face.

P.S. I’ll be missing these scenes…


Priceless! ♥


2 responses to “someday i’ll claim these moments back

  1. madjewel July 28, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    awww priceless photos indeed, we also gave away our set of puppies last Dec, as in ‘all’ of them and it really broke my heart ;(
    we had a new set of puppies again, now I’m thinking if it is ok to have all our female dogs to be spayed

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