The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

it’s worth the wait ♥♥♥

I grew up believing that Christmas is all about loving and gift-giving, that it’s all about Santa  making little children’s wish come true, I’m a firm believer of that until I found out who’s the real Santa is. But I can’t renounce the truth that gift giving remained to be a spirit for me rather than receiving. I even scheduled the Christmas season as shopping days for love ones, I love it when everyone has a gift to open on Christmas Day. And it’s too hypocrite to say I don’t want a lovely box too on Christmas Day. 🙂 However, I’m not the kind who’ll oblige anyone not even my family to gift me. If they remember me back then thank you but if they don’t that’s very fine with me. Other than Leoncio was an exemption because he’s the only one person I can bug to gift me. Hehehe

Last year even before the Christmas season has started I asked him to gift me a new bag, you know that pricey nylon bag that comes in varied colors. I used to despise the brand having too many replicas in Greenhills aside from anybody I know almost have it tho most are not the authentic piece, until I found a line of this branded bag that fits my personality so well. I couldn’t take my eyes on it the first time I hold it close. It was so dear that’s why I had to think a hundred times again if it’s worth keeping. And I have to completely convince the husband that I need at least one although not the ordinary one ‘ney. I’m special you know. 😀


**the teaser I posted in IG 

So last weekend soon as the stocks in Rustan’s were replenished (waiting was more than half a year so you can imagine my excitement), the husband got it right away even before everyone else. It’s only a few pieces so we can’t delay like what we did last year and eventually regret when the stocks were already depleted.

Drumroll…my first Longchamp from the Planètes trend.


The Longchamp Planètes line is instantly recognizable. Strong top quality canvas, bright colors, a resemblance to the Le Pliage® line… Planètes bags are designed to accompany women on the go, any place, any time. An accessories line that has what it takes to be a must!


Longchamp Planètes: an inspired collection

The Longchamp Planètes line presents tone-on-tone bags, sized from small city bag to shopping bag, with the hobo bag in between. The collection coordinates with the Roseau line and includes, for Longchamp Planètes addicts, a coin purse, a wallet and a diary. In heavy canvas with leather trim, these bags are sober and sophisticated.


Longchamp Planètes bags: fashionable and practical

The complete Longchamp Planètes line is designed for both style and practicality. There’s a handbag version with a crocodile pattern flap, a hobo bag or a clutch for evening, in an array of colors. Hazelnut? Red? Black? Mix and match them with what you wear. Longchamp Planètes colors change with the season and reflect the latest trends.


Tote bag

With more than a passing resemblance to Le Pliage®, the Planètes line is distinguished by its structured form, thick fabric trimmed with full-grain cowhide and its satiny feel. Handbag, tote or hobo bag… each model is sealed by a leather medallion featuring the Longchamp logo that makes it unique.

{info source, read here}

Because the weather is very unstable these days I’m limiting its use only when the husband can bring me to work in the morning and can pick up me at night. And I’m looking now for a similar size plastic-made bag which I can use to cover it during unexpected rains. OA ba masyado? You can’t blame me because it’s not every year a perfect gift comes along. And I don’t mind its being delayed because it’s all worth the wait. Super thank you ‘ney! 😛


4 responses to “it’s worth the wait ♥♥♥

  1. Maynard O. Cummings July 23, 2013 at 8:03 am

    Do you own a longchamp? Are you a baghag? No? Or are you in denial? lol. Anyway, baghag or not there’s a different happiness that a bag brings to a woman. I can attest to this one. Is it just me or there are a lot of girls like me who’s going head over heels over longchamp? In a mall bathroom alone you’ll be surprise that there are about 2-3 girls who carries a longchamp. Don’t believe me? Try going to Rockwell Powerplant. lol again! Have you ever wonder if these are authentic or not? I did and I learned it the hard way. Before LePliage/Planètes took hype in Manila, I seriously wanted to get one. But heck on the price tag it carries, yeah for some its cheap but for me its a lot to pay for a bag! So my frugal self bought a fake longchamp in greenhills (yeah dumb). I paid about Php400 for it if I remember it right. I thought this would already satisfy my salivating self and not lust for longchamp anymore. But boy was I wrong! I did not stop salivating over the online photos of longchamp–this time real one. I kept on coming back at Rustan’s just to take a look of their stocks. Yeah I was sick with frustration. I want to have one. Since I still don’t want to pay a large amount of money, I settled with a navy cabas le pliage (cabas is the one that does not have zipper).

    • january July 23, 2013 at 10:40 am

      hi, maynard. not a full-blown baghag yet just the same as my becoming an impulsive shoe whore lately. 😀

      like you I almost gave in and bought a fake long champ long ago but my husband won’t approve me doing it, so I have to stay put and wait for the right time for him to gift me one. 😛 but after having one i’m likely getting another one –the Le Pliage which is somehow cheaper by a thousand and can be used as everyday bag. besides, a woman cannot have too many bags, shoes, and purses, right?

  2. madjewel July 28, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    If I remember it correctly, I only bought a bag for myself just once hehe, the good thing about having an aunt with love for bags, she is giving me some of her old yet still in good condition bags ;p

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