The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.3

I always say that blood is thicker than water, I do believe that by all means and despite how wicked a family member can be or his doings maybe, disowning them and cursing them wouldn’t do any good. I am very careful on that because once you said something awful it could never be the same back again, not even with a thousand sorry can patch-up things or even if you does the connection will never be the same. It’s flawed and all unless of course you’ll treat the person to Disneyland, it would be another story I bet. 😀

And as always I want to believe that the family that stays together lives happily ever after (sounding like a fairy story here). Seriously I don’t want to stain the relationship especially with the maternals because they were the people I grew up with, they were the people who never failed to understand and I believe they were the least to judge. Tho sometimes you have this people in your life that seems to be transparent and concerned and nicey for a while other than I’ve already learned my lesson not to trust them –I would forever call them the unrelated people that even if you try to flip them up and down they would never be anyway related by consanguinity and that makes them very capable of being destructive with their big mouth.

If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.

Anyhow, that has really nothing to do with last Sunday’s sundate no. 3, hehehe. Just like the ordinary Sunday’s the husband and I never planned anything biggie but because my cousin Irish was itching to shop around and make herself visible to me 🙂 she ringed me for a lunch date. I was half thinking of meeting her and Joel in Makati but because they came without the driver (aka Moki) and commuted all the way from Cavite I thought it would be inconvenient for them to run from Greenhills to Makati for lunch, so, husband and I adjusted our preference and met them up rather in Greenhills. I wanted to dine Chinese and that the husband was looking forward to dining at Le Ching for that bowl of steamed spareribs but I had no idea if the couple (Irish and Joel) fancy Chinese cuisine like we do. I know everyone will give a thumb up for pizza and pasta but we’re having that usual feast back in Tagaytay so for a change let’s try something else. Give me a break please. 🙂

sundate no.3

Steaks are a good pick which made everyone excited except me who pretended I was not affected with the sizzling and good looks of their meat. House of Minis was the perfect venue because the choices were easy; it won’t send anyone a headache picking his order. I love it that most of their dishes came with soup, salad and dessert already, no-brainer ika nga.

sundate no.3_1

So that sizzling was teasing me so bad…

sundate no.3_2

T-Bone Steak! 😛

sundate no.3_3

And while my party was devouring on that juicy red meat I was having a plate of Gambaretti, buti na lang favorite ko to. But of course the husband forked some of his steak for me. He probably seen the desire in my eyes so his heart melted in a way. Hahaha

sundate no.3_4sundate no.3_5

It was a calming lunch minus the drama, I love it that these people have a way of making me feel closer to home.

sundate no.3_6

We skipped Conti’s for dessert but we’ll definitely plan a trip next time. The couple didn’t stay long after lunch, after a few rounds at Greenhills Shopping Center they bid goodbye.

sundate no.3_7

And because it’s too early to head home for us, we continued our sundate at the supermarket and shop to my heart’s content.

sundate no.3_8

Yay, I overdo again on chips and junks but I didn’t forget the yogurt and cheese, the healthy bread and the canned fish and gourmetisized Spanish sardines, and fresh Salmon head and belly from the freezer. I love it when the stock is overflowing as if preparing for a big rain, oh no I’m not praying for any big rain anytime soon.

sundate no.3_9

Sundate No. 3 was a big day because we were able to share it with people dear to us. We’ll be missing supposedly Sundate No. 4 again tomorrow because the husband is going away to do some family errands. I’ll be missing him dearly! (So, if you’re free for some catchin up ring me, your coffee and sweets on me 🙂 ) 



House of Minis
Greenhills Shopping Center
G/F Unit 75/76/77 Shoppesville 
Greenhills, San Juan
T. (02) 721-1410

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