The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

happy birthday to you, Sweet Little One!


I’m still a kid at heart and parties and balloons and McDonald’s would always be my thing. So, there on my 34th birthday (years ago 🙂 ) I had myself a McDonald’s grown-up party at The Fort. That’s how crazy I can be when I think about my childhood being deprived of so many things because the family does not have enough money and my birthday always falls short of payday and heyday. Poor kid I am, sigh!


Anyhow, I should be talking more happy thoughts here and cut the drama because it’s not healthy for this blog. So where are we? The kid in me, yes, I was giddy when one of the husband’s granddaughters marked her first birthday. I was planning to gift her with cupcakes and more but a week before her party we were informed of the changes that it’s no longer happening at the roof top of their rented apartment rather it would be held at McDonald’s. I think it got me really excited that I ended up panic buying gifts for her. Thanks to Rustan’s Sale, the damage was not that bad. Hehehe

Fast forward to July 7, even coming all the way from Cavite I remained fresh and relaxed the time we arrived at The Fort area around noontime. It helped that it’s Sunday because traffic wasn’t an issue. For a while, husband and I lounged at Starbucks near MC Home Depot. The party was to start at 1:30pm, so we had an hour or so to kill time. You know I love Sundays like this, no worries, carefree and all. I wish I could live this life everyday. 😀


By 1:00pm we drove going to McDonald’s Pateros where the event was booked, I can’t contain my happiness seeing my happy place trimmed apt for the little princess –Ashanti Jenica.


The theme Disney Princess was just the thing that matched Cha-Cha’s cutey tiara.


She was the cutest of them all!


A McDonald’s birthday party would always be this bubbly, and any kid wanted to be part of it.


It’s entertaining that the games were not only meant for kids, the grown-ups had their own portion too. So I remember all the fun we had during my own McDonald’s party then. Now, I can’t help but feel grateful for the husband’s never-ending support to my babyish side. 🙂


We had fun, everyone had fun, and it’s evident on those smiles, big smiles that’s ear to ear. And Cha-Cha’s Mom and Dad was the happiest on earth.


And Tito G and Tita K was part of that happy thing too because they were the generous grandparents behind this big party.


Manang Linda looked stress-free because she does not need to worry a thing, not even the after party chaos.


And my Leoncio was the happy Lolo!


Like every occasion I’m almost becoming the official photographer, I only wish I had that talent to deliver so.


365 days have passed since you said hello world, in your sweet big eyes there is laughter, joy and hope, in your cute smile I can see a chance to shape the future. Happy 1st of the many birthdays to come little one! 😛



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