The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

that mentos moment

jun 29, 2013

I was hyper ever since Friday night –from the street food dinner date at Eat Fresh, from the impromptu movie date, seen Four Sisters and a Wedding, yey! after ninety years we’ve watched a movie again, from the impulsive shopping at Power Plant’s Big Brands Sale. And yesterday I’ve never been this hyper –cooked three main dish one after the other (chicken & pork adobo, ground pork menudo and bangus paksiw), went out for a quick peep at Debenhams again and finally gave in to Sale on Sale promo. I don’t regret any at all knowing how my size easily goes out of stock, proof that my size is now the new sexy! Hahaha. And after seeing that gorgeous pair of platform court shoes from Marks & Spencer I do not know if I can wait until the Final Reductions signs. It fits me so well and oh so comfy and fierce. And while most people at my country now are in deep sleep, I’m out with my super doting husband, killing time at the favorite coffee shop at the heart of Makati, murmuring in between that typhoon Gorio would go and leave permanently. That heavy rain didn’t allow us to go home right away, so, we spent the next three hours trapped in the car. The husband easily made it to do a catnap while I remain wide awake facebooking and observing around. I felt like a lady guard keeping an eye on whiles his master’s sleep. We made it home by 4am and snug a lengthy nap until almost mid day today. Oh that thing, when your childless we don’t need to worry a thing. At least it has its own advantage in a way.

jun 28, 2013

Btw, I suggest you see Four Sisters and a Wedding. It’s worth your time and money. I love most Bobbie’s character here played by Bea Alonzo. It hit me especially that part when she was telling her mom and siblings how she felt ever since a kid, how she battled her jealousy over her sisters whose favored most from material things to their parents love and attention. I feel her, I feel the heartache of ruthlessly working hard to please the parental. I’m with her when she even felt sorry after the revelations. And if I would have to do the same line in the future, I’d probably say exactly the very same. I’m not bitter by all means, I long accepted my journey, my fate as a daughter, as a sister and even as a wife. I can never be this tough without those miseries in the past, they made me a lot better, gave me confidence to build my own identity, gave me reason to believe and smile. Tho still not as tough as people see me from the outside, you know I’m still am the cry baby you once knew. Now, that’s what I get from watching dramas and teleseryes, I’m becoming one drama queen of my own league. 🙂

A recent birthday bash back at the office with my favorite girls!

It’s Sunday today but I skipped to go out, we skipped supposedly sundate no. 3 because I feel the need to rest and ready myself as I claim Monday mine, ssssshhh,  the office may not the most friendly place I know but it’s one place I feel sheltered and appreciated. Thank you Lord for your amazing grace!


2 responses to “that mentos moment

  1. Lui July 4, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    Hmmm, that sounds like a busy fun week 😉
    Ok, I promised you Luchie’s home cooked meal this weekend.
    And Sweepy might do more action this weekend too.
    I did say ‘might’…

    • january July 13, 2013 at 4:53 pm

      you haven’t updated back, still waiting for luchie’s home cooking hehehe 🙂
      and i’m hoping that the superdog will do an action-packed update soon!

      happy weekend to heaven –from my fur family 😛

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