The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

welcoming June

We stayed home this weekend in the metro and while doing so I’m missing everything about last week –the night out, the coffee date, the lavish lunch at home, the small gathering with the maternals, the shopping galore with the kids and I’m missing B and her 8 pups big time. So instead of boring myself to death let me count the many ways how last weekend was exceptional.


1. Travelling on a Friday night has its own perks, it exactly adds up one night to our short visit and I wish our schedule will allow us to do this again on our next scheduled trip. At next week na yun!


2. Nanay’s post birthday celebration, we dined out, just literally out of the house. 🙂  I cooked Caldereta and Buttered Shrimps, Nanay cooked Pancit Canton and the household prepared Baked Mussels. It was a superb lunch out with the whole family. Happy Belated Birthday Nanay!


3. Chill out moment with the kids and with my cousin Irish and her son DJ. We had a light dinner at Army Navy, light means ordering Cheese Quesadillas one for each and our favorite pasta from Yellow Cab. Of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without the usual coffee fix at the new Starbucks store along Calamba Road. We love it there, buwis buhay nga lang ang pagpark at pagtawid! Hehehe


4. The surprise birthday dinner for Tita Gie, we’re kinda short in time to prepare a bigger and a colorful one nevertheless we wish a golden year ahead Tita Gie. Embrace the age and live a happy life incessantly. Say cheese!


5. And because I know it would be too hard to move again by Monday, I filed an official leave ahead of time. So, I’ve got no worries about the office and no worries about being questioned over again. Period. Since the kids will be back to school, I brought them at SM Dasmarinas to buy all school necessities and the not so important stuffs like Sam’s Oil Pastel, I wonder where she’s going to use it. Anyway, it’s fun to shop with them even though Ninang’s wallet ended up very sad. I also enjoyed the simple dinner date with the kiddos at Burger King. It’s been ages since I grabbed Whopper and dipped fries on mayo. Yumminess!


6. B and her litters was picture perfect, I can’t wait to see them open their eyes and walk sturdy and run around. It would be a run riot naturally and my household would be a busier sight.


7. Baby Ysa finally had updated photos here, she doesn’t really like me though probably she’s at that stage “na nangingiba” and she’s not used to seeing me frequently. In time baby girl, you’ll grow up like Ate SAM and P who loves to tag along.


Now, I’m looking forward to spending another long weekend in Cavite this coming weekend and I’m so ready to go out to any invitation that may pop in. Meanwhile, I’m taking it easy, we’ve just arrived from our sundate and tomorrow will be the start of another weekday, another busy work week and another week to combat stress and obviously fake people around. Bad vibes go away please!



5 responses to “welcoming June

  1. docgelo June 9, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    you defined graphically how awesome your weekend was and how excitingly great another one is waiting for you. anything spent with love ones, and yes including those little ones of your bea, is always love and happiness!

    you had me at that baked tahong! sarap, halos walang mabiling tahong sa palengke dito sa penang, new zealand mussels lang sa supermarket, frozen na. all other seafoods are fresh and abundant except tahong 😦

    • january June 9, 2013 at 10:23 pm

      we’re not a perfect family, we have rifts like any other family that i know but i always believe that a family would always be a family no matter what and i love spending weekends and occasions with them, nothing beats the happiness shared with love ones.

      by the way, if you’re into oysters try oysters rockefeller at home, i love it better than mussels. have a brandnew week docgelo! 🙂

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