The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

uniquely Luk Yuen, exclusively us

I felt that the workplace is a big chaos now the reason why this blog had slowed down for awhile. I feel slothful and annoyed by the changes here and there, by the rules and schedules I am not accustomed to. But who I am to complain when everyone seems to assent these “witty” projects.

luk yuen-1

You know me I always need a break free and the lunch date two weeks ago with the people I bank on lighten up the mood. A sumptuous spread of Chinese cuisine at an old-time favorite noodle house was very comforting that day, I felt I was transported back to time when things are simple and easy. And I can’t help but recall all the good memories of Luk Yuen, those late dinners at the old Greenbelt branch (the one in front of Max’s) and even the plentiful of memories at the once frequently visited Glorietta branch (the one hit by the Ayala Center blast in 2007). Yep, I am that old now to have kept quite a number of recalls of those.

Going back at the lunch date, I had fun and momentarily forgot the hullabaloo back at the office. We had so much food because we felt famished and planned to extend lunch a bit. And like the usual I am in-charge of ordering, here’s what I got for us.

I thought its wise and will save me time to pick a set menu and so I did. I got Set 3 which serves 4-6 persons as stated but knowing how these restaurants measure food quantity I bet it would be just perfect for my party of four. Set 3 (P1,395) best fit our picky palate and our healthy diet as well (ehem).

luk yuen-2

Stuffed Eggplant

luk yuen-3

Deep-Fried Beancurd

luk yuen-4

Sweet and Sour Pork

luk yuen-5

Braised E-fu with Seafood

Yang Chow Fried Rice, which I forgot to take a photo 😦

luk yuen-6

Snow Ball

luk yuen-7

Iced Tea

We also got 6 servings of Chicken and Corn Soup. And I was surprised that the serving of every plate is truly big, not your usual restaurant that serves in small quantity, in poor quality and in high price. By the way, amongst the viand I especially love the beancurd.

luk yuen-8

While food was overflowing the convo became interesting, it complements really well. This I missed and look forward to happen regularly, I wish. Thank you guys for the genuine friendship and to C for the lunch treat, until our next date. 🙂



Unimart, Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Avenue, San Juan City
T. 721 2620 / 721 2685
Store Hours: Sun-Thurs 10am-8:30pm / Fri-Sat 10am-9pm


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