The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

post-election thoughts

Voting like obeying laws and paying taxes is a good citizen act.


I’m not someone who can talk brightly of our government; there are times I find myself ignorant of the laws and the likes. Just recently at the May 13, 2013 Election I exercised my good citizen duty once again. This is something I don’t miss and mess up, meaning I don’t skip any election so far and I don’t vote for a candidate that was just endorsed by my family. I know a lot of people had their own take on whether to vote or not, and at some point I don’t understand why some had to skip just because they don’t feel like doing it. I don’t know with you but I don’t find it a valid excuse at all. Yet at this issue I am not sure about the penalties or if there really exist any to people who refuse to vote. I wish there is, so everyone will realize how important it is that you register and take part in an election.

So did your bet won? I won’t ask your line up because I’m keeping mine private too. On my way to work today, I heard too much disapproval already on this and that candidate who already had a sure spot at the senate. They’d been questioning the credentials and credibility. How come she’s number one? How come he made it on the line up? The answers to these whining are straightforward, the people had spoken, they made their choice and those are only few of the reasons why. Take for example; a media man disclosed his voting for Grace Poe because of her simple yet realistic promises. He added that during the campaign Ms. Poe didn’t promise too much like the others (bahay-pagkain-trabaho), she went on and promise to bring back the “nutribun”. Like this media man, the thought of “nutribun” brings back memory of my grade school years. I can be sentimental like him and consider a candidate with that. Now you know I went to a public school during my grade school years. 🙂

At my workplace talks about Nancy Binay had been going around before and even after May 13. They’d talk about how dumb she is after seeing her at interviews and forums and worst is how they’d talk of her skin color. I was disturb hearing all those negative comments, by the way I’m not a pro-Binay but I know right that questioning her competence with her physical looks is very wrong. And mind you these people who talks badly and racialist doesn’t even belong to class A & B, they’re commoners who just want to get into the hype of it. Nakakatawa lang I heard one saying ano kaya ang bagay na lipstick sa kanya (referring to Nancy Binay), orange? or pink? See, even her lip shade is a bit of issue to them. They’re too comfortable in mocking Ms. Binay when in fact they’re not even fair-skinned to hate the black and they’re not even fluent in anything when they speak. I pity them because it’s the best they can do to put someone down. Sometimes I think our democracy has given us much freedom of speech that at times it becomes destructive and personal. My advice –you get a mirror and look at your own blemishes first before hitting the others. You’re not even at your 20’s and it’s no longer fitting for your age to big mouth lousy things like that. And yet even if you’re Ms. Universe, it won’t give you a pass to make fun of anyone.

Generally, Election 2013 is one peaceful sight at my neighborhood, the party who lost the race even without the official tally humbly conceded, there were no violence reported and the good thing is five of my senatorial choice already has a secure slot in the Magic 12. 🙂


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