The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

a summer getaway with the team


I was at my earliest last Saturday. At 5am I was already boarding Bus #1 at the front of our office building. It wasn’t a normal thing for me to be that early but I felt the need to other than I don’t want to be the cause of delay. Mrs. F like the usual was late; we still have to text her and call her to ensure her coming. What’s new? And just when everyone thought we could leave already at 5:30, we were hold up again because our first aider came even late. So we’re the last bus to leave at 6. Hay!

Finally, we’re on the road to south, the mood at that early was lazy and quite except that our assigned marshal was thick-skinned to notice that everyone wants to doze off rather than pay heed to what she was airing, more so to entertain her liking to do videoke songs (our bus was equipped by the way). Oh my! Are you sick? I kept on ignoring her noisiness and tried to catch up some sleep but I didn’t succeed and I guess everyone make an attempt to do the same way, I don’t know if they make it. Aren’t she tired of talking? I couldn’t imagine her doing it the entire 4 hours trip. Swear I hate her evil laugh! Hahaha

Since it was Saturday and still in the early hours, there was no major traffic along our way. We stopped at Petron SLEx to pee while some still have to buy their chips and water. I wonder why they didn’t take time to buy at the supermarket in advance; don’t they realize that prices of those doubled at convenience stores? You know me I’m always ready for trips, I normally takes a trip at the supermarket to buy all the supplies so I can’t help but shake my head seeing them. It’s a waste of money for me. 😦


We’re shortly back at the road and thank God the marshal chose to keep mum this time. But my sleepy feel let go already, so, I tried to kill time and make small talk with my seatmate. In between I’d played on my mini or surf and do instragram and facebook. My girls were chatting and goofing all the while. It was a rather a boring trip for an old folk like me.


Oh by the way, I brought these little sandwiches for my girls. I called it my gourmet sandwiches with tuna filling and greens! 😛


I didn’t know that Calatagan was that far, from Tagaytay rotonda it took us another 2 hours so I’m feeling bushed already the time we arrived at Stilts Beach Resort. It’s the venue of our company outing; yes we had one again after 5 years. At first, I was 80% not coming to this event after past experiences, those preceding outings that left a bad impression on me but all my girls decided to join the reason why I was obliged. I want them to feel my full support on endeavors like this.


Stilts was a surprise for me, I didn’t know that there exist this clean at this side of Calatagan. The sand wasn’t powdery white, its okay so long as it’s free from any form of trash. Before this trip we were advised that we do not have cottages as the resort was highly booked instead we were provided only tents at the beach front. There was a stage set up too which became of no use after a game. Walking from our drop off point, I could feel the blistering heat and I couldn’t imagine more how we’re going to survive beneath those open tents. Anyhow, a simple morning snack was served upon our arrival, it didn’t help that the juice was iced cold; you’d lost appetite by the intense heat. I didn’t enjoy lunch as well, I don’t know but maybe I was expecting it to level up with that of La Luz or Blue Coral’s buffets, they’re not the best but at least their reasonable enough. We had another serving of snack before we left; don’t bother to ask about it anymore. Hehehe

Let me give you a peek of Stilts, you may want to consider the place if you’re planning a beach trip that isn’t so far.


They have cottages perched on the water for those who’d like to spend a night, each has a private veranda which is perfect for lounging during the night. It’s spacious and homey.


They also have beach houses along the beach and multi-purpose pavilions, if only we were provided even just the pavilions it would be of much comfort for everyone. There’s also a restaurant/bar, you can bring in food only that they will charge P100 per head corkage fee.


Swimming pools for children and adult.


And wash areas are plentiful. At least this part didn’t disappoint.


Kayaks, pedals, banana boat and bamboo raft can be rented. And boat tours can be arranged. Overall Stilts is a great place just don’t mind the food and bring your own.

Now, allow me to share the highlight of this year’s company outing –fun games!


These aren’t my photos (all regular photos without the effects) because I didn’t bring the bulky cam, credits to our Marcom and HR team. While I captured few photos for instagramming purposes only.


Like the usual we left the beach resort at 4pm, depriving us of the beautiful sundown. The trip back to Manila was more exhausting this time. We were caught by traffic on our way up to Tagaytay, I was considering getting off the bus and ask my household to pick me up along the ridge so I can easily retire but I have to consider the next day. It would be tiring for Leoncio to drive back and forth just to pick me up besides we just recently visited the previous week.  So, Mrs. F and I were left with no choice but to endure the 5 hours trip back to Manila. It’s that long which equates to Manila-Baguio already.

The experience was nothing but like the past summer outings –tiring, dissatisfied and famished. When will the organizers realize that everyone wanted to wake up with the view of the blue sea and gentle sea breeze? This isn’t a yearly thing so I guess the company can sponsor it and play generous once in a while to make everyone a happy worker that is, I’m still hoping…



Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort
Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines 
Makati Booking Office
  • 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Mo-ndays to Saturdays
    (+632) 511-8120 / 511-1895 / 845-0676
  • 6:00 PM onwards Mondays to Saturdays and Sundays & Holidays
    (+632) 211-6464 / (+63) 917-580-7653 /
    908-866-2254 / 917-523-7777 / 917-586-3343
TeleFax Numbers
  • (+632) 511-7469
Sales & Marketing Team email:



2 responses to “a summer getaway with the team

  1. madjewel June 1, 2013 at 12:47 am

    I’ve been revisiting this post for a while, i haven’t been to any beach bec I’m scared, but your photos here are all very inviting. I am thinking white sand beach is not very scary at all. I told bf we should try here next summer ;p

    • january June 6, 2013 at 5:59 pm

      calatagan beach is friendly, water is perfect and not too deep. i had that apprehension before but with a bunch of beach lover (and bummer) friends i eventually overcome my fears. give it a try jewel! 🙂

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