The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Gourmet’s Chicharron Dahon

My love for imported goodies shouldn’t be of question anymore, it’s a known fact to many especially to my family and friends. And while Frito-Lay, Cape Cod and Snyder’s remains to be on top of my favorites I was smitten when I stumble upon this homegrown chip in Tagaytay during the Holy Week.

lettuce chips-1

Gourmet Farm Lettuce Chips is my kind of chips, and because it has organic origins (imagine how much shredded lettuce were used in this bagful of chips), less oily, less salty…actually, I cannot taste any saltiness in it which makes me  guilt-free even after finishing a bag in one sitting. And the best thing is I can eat the chips even without the dips. Hey, they sell dips –the Kitchen Exclusives offers a feast in a bottle and amongst I love the Herb Cheese Dressing. 😛

lettuce chips-2

I’ll book a visit at the Gourmet Farm and grab bags of these Lettuce Chips again. By the way, a bag is sold at P60 only. I’ll give The Dining Room a taste too. I feel so healthy just by looking at their menu, check it HERE.

Gourment Farms
Silang, Cavite Office
Address : Km. 52, Aguinaldo Highway, Buho, Silang, Cavite
Telephone : (046) 414.1049 Telefax: (046) 414.0138
Email :

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