The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Holy Week 2013: Part IV –Black Saturday with the maternals

black saturday-1

After two days of road tripping with the family, we rested on Black Saturday. We felt exhausted by all the hustle and bustle of Holy Week including the very humid weather. Actually, we were planning to go somewhere else, go on a dip and bond but it didn’t happen. Glad that the maternal family saved it, we met up with my cousin, JB who recently came home from abroad.

black saturday-3

And I don’t know what appeal does Yellow Cab (and Army Navy) have that despite the many choices in Tagaytay we always come back here and order pizza and pasta constantly.

black saturday-5

The kids love it, the grown-ups do like it so how can you go wrong with that.

black saturday-6

Oh kids these days! They know their gadgets brilliantly!

black saturday-7

We had a good laugh over good food like the usual.

black saturday-8

Then it’s time for our coffee fix, we moved to our favorite spot at Summit Ridge.

black saturday-9

And the laughter went endlessly that night.

black saturday-10

My maternal side is like that –cheerful, without-airs and the best is you can be yourself, no worries about being judged when you turn your backs.

black saturday-11

Well, summer has just started folks, longing to see you more and more this season! 😛

black saturday-12

P.S. Thanks for the pizza treat JB! 



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