The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Holy Week is all about praying and fasting and vacationing (in my case)

Like the previous years, Holy Week is the best time to pause and reflect tho on my side it means vacationing as well and getting a long break from work. Hallelujah!

We’re bound to somewhere else later, no definite yet because of some last minute emergencies and issues. But if I’m the only one to decide I’d rather spent it in my hometown this year –get to see old friends and organize a small reunion, bond with the maternals and drive along the Calabarzon (well, except Rizal province) and visit touristy spots I’ve never been. Last night, Leoncio and I were rather considering Ilocos in May just in time for town fiesta so we can eyewitness the Tikanlu Festival. But we have yet to decide later on today.

By the way, I still got a full day work today despite the city’s 106th anniversary. I requested my girls to come in full force too, quarter end is always chaotic at the office and slips are not accepted. I’m glad they willingly go without me using any force, hehehe… anyway, they’ll get overtime pay while mine is free and thank you only.

I know it’s not the best time for my big cravings but Deals Grocer’s Famous Skylounge offer is very tempting, I passed on it several times but something’s holding me back in hitting the Buy button again. I feel guilty somehow. Hehehe…

Now, seriously here, I push everyone to pray and fast. Humble yourself and repent. I am no saint and I have my own wrongdoings but I don’t do things repeatedly, I rest my case and I leave it all to God.

little souls sister convent

A blessed Holy Week to everyone!


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