The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Sunday with my loves

b and dadi-1b and dadi-1b and dadi-3

A beautiful Sunday means waking up with two of my loves, the husband and B indeed, tho B do not permit us staying late in bed her being there and all that makes it a lovely day for us.

dadi & mami

Like our previous visits in Cavite, we pay a visit The Little Souls once more to attend Sunday mass. This time we were with Tatay and Nanay, my sister Che and her 3 kiddos. I warned the little boy to stay put while there is mass and I’m glad he abides by. 🙂

p with his ice cream sandwich

I love this scene, it rarely happens so I grab the chance to document it here –it’s P eating his ice cream sandwich! Yummy ba baby boy?

sky ranch-1sky ranch-2sky ranch-3

I promised to take out the kids later that day including B, but we decided to leave B considering the gray skies. We drove at the ridge; we have to skip visiting the Sky Ranch for now and went ahead at Summit Ridge. I allowed SAM and P to spend time at Timezone while Leoncio and I do the supermarket thing.

starbuck's dark chocolate turtle cake

And ended up in our favorite coffee shop, I can’t go wrong with them as long I’ll treat them out with coffee and sweets. I love moments with them –carefree and cool, without minding the age. 🙂

ninang, pao & sam

Until our next homecoming kiddos, pray for a good weather so we can visit the Sky Ranch by then. 😛


P.S. A week from now, I’ll be seeing an old friend, I’m excited to see her one more time…



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