The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Ling Nam revisited


Can’t go wrong with Chinese cooking, that’s how Leoncio and I see it at most. Last Saturday, we decided to meet at the mall after his work, I had some personal errands too so I came ahead of him so by the time he’s off I’m done with mine too. It was nearly dinner time when we met up so we decided that we should have dinner already besides I don’t have anything heavy that day so a filling one would be much welcome.


At the new side of Glorietta, new restaurants had been popping out so we make a round first to look into the choices. I wanted some soup or ramen (just because of the ramen craze 😀 )  but knowing me I don’t want to explore when I’m real hungry so the former was like my priority. Hot soup, some tasty dumpling and I’m good to go. When we spotted Ling Nam (who cares about the sign “soft opening”), we didn’t think twice because we’ve been frequenting its Greenhills branch before and none of our visit disappoints. Besides I’m happy to order my comfort food. 🙂


I certainly forgot that they serve house tea; if I was able to recall it earlier I wouldn’t have ordered myself a glass of iced tea.

Dumplings never fail to make me happy!


Hakaw, I wouldn’t compare it of course to Wai Ying’s but it’s good for its price (shopping mall price). I just wish the skin was less thin here. 🙂


Chicken Feet, it’s flavorful and the little meat on it was tender though.


Porkchop Rice, I know I’m slowly going back to incorporating the red meat to my diet and for that the tummy wasn’t so happy 😦 . But I don’t eat this all by myself; Leoncio got the bigger share of course. The pork meat was tender and juicy as well.


Beef Wanton Noodles Soup, we should have ordered two bowls because it was that good! I wanted one right now. 😀  and I don’t mind us getting the same set. 😛

Ling Nam
2F Glorietta 2, Ayala Center
Makati City 

😛 😛 😛                                                              forever 21 sale

P.S. Because the husband had this “feel good” status over last weekend, I snatched that chance to do some retail therapy. Forever 21 sale wasn’t bad at all, in fact I scored real cheap sheer tops for a little over than USD12 each.

february 23, 2013

P.P.S. I had my haircut last Sunday so it’s not this long anymore. Anyhow, happy 1st of March! 🙂



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