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B’s happy place, in Dadi’s arms

Going home to my parent’s house isn’t a regular thing, I easily get tired despite of its short distance but its gives me too much guilt knowing that someone gets heartbroken everytime we skip driving home.

b at summit promenade-5

I know how B wanted to see us more often, I know she looks forward to hugs and kisses and I know right she feels more love when Momi and Dadi are around. So to make up for the lost time, we ensure to bond with her no matter what. We ensure we got something for her when she makes salubong, it’s mandatory or else she would throw tantrums. Imagine how a 70 pounds lab gets rowdy, hehehe, actually it’s the other way around, she would just walk away and make mukmuk to one corner as if we don’t exist at all. Bunso, when we don’t have any it is because Dadi forgot it remember he’s in charge of take outs. Dadi’s getting older and sometimes becomes forgetful. 😀

b at summit promenade-2

Aside from getting her regular pasalubong the most we wanted to give her or rather do is to take her out and Saturday night was perfect. She loves Tagaytay cold and windy atmosphere, she loves to go around with us like the old days and the favorite coffee shop was the ideal place to hang around. Oh no, she’s not a coffee drinker, she’s not allowed to, her treat would be honey-glazed doughnuts and French toast alone.

b at summit promenade-3

See how focus she is, can’t take off those eyes. 😀

b at summit promenade-4

We used disposables or we bring chopsticks to feed her to avoid any sanitation issues and we believe that every pet owner should be responsible to his own.

We taught her to eat slow and little by little especially when we’re out, we give her reminders to behave doubly so she would be allowed the next time and in my mind I know she understands. If only I can freeze these moments, no leaving her again, no work for Momi, I would love to spend more time with her.

b at summit promenade-6

Bunso, even we’re apart I never stopped thinking of you every single day. I never stopped including you in my silent prayers, I even asked the Peach Sisters to help me pray that you live longer and healthier. Dadi does the same; he would always quote your name. We would browse your photos every night before going to sleep and say our goodnights. You see, one day we would be together once more. But while we’re still away from each other, make happy times with people around you now. I know how you find comfort in Dadi’s arms; he missed you so much and looking forward to our next home coming. Oh btw, we hope to see your flab back again, it’s bagay to you and Lolo thinks you’re better that way, no more diets for now. And tell Lolo to renew your vaccines, you’ll need that when we travel to Ilocos this Holy Week. We love you dearly Bunso, will call you from time to time. It’s Momi missing you here.

b at summit promenade-1

Not everyone would understand and accept the love we have for B, and I don’t mind. B may be four legged and completely different from us but she has a big heart, probably bigger than yours. 🙂


CNY games, our very own version

feb 10.2013-5

We’re no Chinese, we don’t have even a slight of Chinese blood that run in our veins, we’re not chinky-eyed either but my family uphold some (and miss most) of the Chinese practices, we’re like fans trying to copycat! Yesterday, we make merry (parang Christmas lang 🙂 ) as we welcome the year of the Water Snake. CNY this year becomes big time in our house with my maternal family around and one of the highlights of our celebration was the party games where kids and adults take parts.

feb 10.2013-6

It’s quite a challenge for me to stay away from the traditional party games so to make it a little Chinese-y I add in some Chinese touch. The first game for the kids involves marshmallows, plastics cups and wooden chopsticks. It’s very basic, no-brainer at all. The kids just need to transfer 10pcs of marshmallow to the other cup using their chopsticks (hence, the difficult part 🙂 ) . The kids have fun with this first activity and the winner got a pack of chocolate egg heads. 😀

feb 10.2013-7

The second game, for the adults this time we make use of Nagaraya peanuts, ceramic cups and chopsticks. It’s very similar with the kid’s marshmallow edition except for the coated peanuts this time. In 30 seconds, the one who transferred the most numbered of peanuts won.

feb 10.2013-8

Yehey to Lyn! 🙂

feb 10.2013-9

Next was the puto eating contest which starred the kids again, the first who finished off the 2pcs of puto get the slot here.

feb 10.2013-10

My nephew P was very determined to win the slot but he’s a slow eater despite his size. 😀

feb 10.2013-11

The most important game was the pancit eating, not the ordinary pancit because I picked the extra chili variant so you can imagine the spiciness in every bite.

feb 10.2013-12

I’m sorry guys if it has to be this tough! 😀

feb 10.2013-13

P requested that we do the Gangnam dance contest, he later on outshine the rest of the kids.

feb 10.2013-14

This kid is a bona fide dancer! Move on Psy! 🙂

feb 10.2013-15feb 10.2013-16

And last but not the least was the very famous Pinoy Henyo, everyone wanted this game badly kahit uber gasgas na ‘to so I obliged despite my low energy.

feb 10.2013-17

In all fairness, they’re witty to guess the word I personally pick or sadyang so easy lang talaga ng mga choices ko. Hehehe…

We ended the night early because we need to retire earlier, bakit kase me pasok today? Pnoy should have declared Monday as special non-working holiday so my leave today would not count at all. 🙂  Anyhow, CNY this year was too eventful and it makes me one happy bee. 😛


family affairs that count

All my worries, nuisance and loathing (if there’s really any) fade away over the weekend. Maybe I just needed that, I needed that breather away from the city and it really helped that I have a happy family back home. I literally spent the weekend with my maternal family and I have no words for them except –THANK YOU, for making my short stay in Cavite remarkable and for keeping I amused as always. 🙂

feb 10.2013-1

We hosted the mini-get together at our humble home over weekend. We’re celebrating three occasions this time –my cousin E’s debut (hehehe, peace Dodong!), our Ina’s advance birthday (she could have been 91 today) and the Chinese New Year. I didn’t get to celebrate Sto. Nino’s feast with them last January so I’m grateful that almost everyone made it to yesterday’s event.

feb 10.2013-2

Like many families I know my family isn’t an exemption, we all love food! We love to share even the simplest meal on hand but you have to thank my Nanay of course not only for the effort and time she always give out but more on her cooking expertise because she makes you drool for more. Don’t blame the excess fats on her, hehehe. 😀

feb 10.2013-3

Let’s keep in mind that there would come dark days because we remain to be different from each other but let’s be fair-minded, there are no perfect relationships only sturdy and worth keeping ones.

feb 10.2013-4

Keep on smiling back folks! It aids to a healthy heart and a worry-free mind. Until our next reunion! 😛


tikoy fritters

tikoy 2013-1

Because the tikoys keep on coming (thank you sponsors 😛 ) I was tempted to open one box last night. I’m quite bored with the usual fried tikoy dipped in egg; we’ve been doing it since the day we were introduced to eating tikoy.  Talk about sawa factor I’m having that feeling just by thinking how oily it is even after drying up with paper towels. I guess a little change would not shoo away the good fortune at any rate (I hope). 😀

tikoy 2013-2

Last night’s tikoy cooking was something else (for me who tried it the first time). I had lumpia wrappers and cheese for this easy-to-cook tikoy treat. Cut tikoy and cheese into strips and wrapped it in lumpia wrappers and deep-fry it and voila!

tikoy 2013-3

My tikoy fritters!

tikoy 2013-4

I love how the cheese gave a little hint of saltiness; it balances off the sweet taste of tikoy! Will be serving this Chinese treat on Sunday and I’ll try some with mozzarella at home. 🙂

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


cheese love

wine depot

…will save some for this cheese sale! 😛



I’m not in my best mood, the week started in chaos and I feel low and slow. I want to skip Friday and welcome Saturday at once! 

b love

Maybe I’m just feeling homesick and miss B a lot. Aw!