The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

random ramblings this week

Work had been back to normal as our counterparts in the Southeast Asian countries got back to their post after the long break, the Chinese New Year per se. It’s been a busy week and because it’s Friday today I’m almost jumping in bliss, I’m excited to see Saturday and curl in bed late because of the bed weather. 🙂

Back at work, I’m through with my staff’s PA for 2012 though I had to admit that I had a pretty hard time finishing the last one. It’s difficult for me to put in words what I really wanted to say, that I need more time, that I need to see more wisdom, and I need to prove that I’m not doing a big mistake by choosing her. I don’t want to put colors on it either because we’re friends. I’m taking it slowly but surely.

Last Thursday (yep, it was yesterday 😀 ), I had my annual physical examination yet again –the yearly mandatory check-up that will affirm if I’m fit or not. I had to fast the night before because of the special blood extraction I needed to complete or rather comply. The fact that I cannot eat and drink anything for the next 8-10 hours stressed me a lot, I don’t feel hunger but I feel so much dryness. I underwent ECG too but refuse to have the Pap Smear, I had the preference to do it outside. And every year I refuse the rectal and genital examination, I’m not comfy with it. My BMI remains to be on class 1 obese but it’s just beyond the overweight border, I need another year for it to go within the overweight class, and it would take more years (or probably it would never really happen at all) for the normal class. Anyhow, I think my physical examination is all okay and that qualifies me to another 365 days at work, oh it’s less here all the Saturdays and Sundays. 😀

About last night, I went to an event with the husband; we were one of the much selected few who got VIP treatments and take homes. It was an overwhelming experience, it was something very new for me and for the husband of course, I was in a state of high excitement even after arriving home. It’s one of the many unexpected that really made me so happy! I won and savor the victory with my love. The full write up will follow, for now I’ll brag a little here.


The perks of blogging (?), not really because it has nothing to do with my writing capability here, I die with those cheeses! Love Love Love! Wishing you all a cheesy weekend! 😛


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