The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

happy 35th!


My employer for the last 13 years marked its 35th anniversary (hurray to a new milestone!) on Friday night. This time again the company celebrated it big (last year was exactly so different and the first time, I think ha, they limit the party to the management team + tenure awardees + sales awardees only), read here. Anyhow, like all the previous company anniversaries it’s like another Christmas party less the raffles and prizes of course. And because the 35th year is a significant year we’re not invited to a usual clubhouse only, the venue was something else, very Chinese, a classy one that has moved to a new home –The New Gloria Maris!

I remember my first years in the company, my first time too to experience Gloria Maris fine dining. And it became a regular thing because the bosses were suki, I can no longer count the times we dined here, it’s the closest to our office the reason why we normally pick the place when there’s important visitors in tow. Count here the treats by our generous suppliers; Gloria Maris is a favorite and its delicious Lauriat.


I’m quite lost here where to start, program or food? Ok let’s start with the former which was a very lengthy one –anniversary message, candle blowing, citations, and awarding, special numbers. Two of my colleagues were tenure awardees this year so we cheered while they’re up on stage receiving their cash, oh I mean the plaque and kid them both to treat us lunch on Monday, hehehe.


All ears during the President’s anniversary message…


Applaud! Applaud for making it to your 15 years C. Mrs. F and I wished to make it too by 2016. We’re hoping the cash would double by then. 😀


Ei, I couldn’t believe you made it through! Hehehe, more HP brands to sell!


The company was indulgent this year too to get a live band performed though I wasn’t really paying attention that I didn’t even bother to get its name (kung si Ely B un malamang I would trade of my dinner for it, hehehe). But I heed to some good old songs from my genre, they did it well.


The traditional cake blowing, something to look forward every year, it’s a happy happy occasion!


And because dinner took too loooong to serve this time (what’s wrong with you Gloria Maris?) we wasted our time cam whoring.


Here, there with everyone we bumped into. 🙂


This kind serving of roasted peanuts keep us sane…

When finally the food was readied and slowly gets into our table one by one (the thing I hate about fine dining), I had to keep quiet and make moments with my favorites. 🙂


This is what we’re expecting to wolf down…and I was the happiest because my ultimate favorite was part of the menu!


Assorted Cold Cuts include jellyfish, century egg, and pork asado among others. I’m partial to jellyfish.


And next was the ultimate favorite Hot Prawn and Chicken Salad. 😛


I was silently praying that my tablemates wouldn’t like the idea of hot salad and leave it untouched so I can feast. Hahaha, but I was wrong because it was gone in seconds.


Crab Meat and Corn Soup followed, good idea that I got another serving because our next platter came in very late.


Yang Chow Fried Rice, it was a generous proportion however, it was cold already when the main course was served. I wasn’t too happy with it. 😦


Birthday Misua, it wasn’t too enticing for me and I didn’t get a serving right away. I was saving room for the main chows only that waiting became a regular affair so I have to eat whatever is there.


Chinese Style Beef Tenderloin, it was Friday and I was skipping the red meat so I didn’t bother to fork even a small cut of this dish. I guess my tablemates didn’t find this too appetizing to try that’s why it was left barely touched.


Peking Duck 2 ways, the first was served with Chinese pancake skin for wrapping. I was tempted to eat more than two but I was cautious about getting a bad stroke and die on the spot.


The other way was minced duck with lettuce. Eating this way is less guilty so I had three. 😀


Fried Lapu-Lapu with Sweet and Sour Sauce, it was crispy and the fish meat was flaky and tasty but I’d prefer it steamed in soy sauce any given day.


Crab in Salt and Pepper was another favorite, the plate was wiped in no time.

Desserts, well it was another story and I was more than ready, hehehe


Almond Lychee was good but Mango Sago would be far better


Malayco is love, with the right amount of sweetness. This steamed sponge cake is best eaten when warm.


And Buchi! It wouldn’t be a Chinese resto after all if these mochis were absent. 🙂


Drinks were bottomless but refills was so slow. I couldn’t imagine it if the refills were served in pitcher’s it would be the worst ever I guess. (Refills were in cans and bottles, so I don’t really expect it to be so slooow)


Patience is a virtue (was it really a virtue?), anyhow, because I’ll do anything for food I smiled and pretend that the waiting isn’t maddening at all. I walked out very full Gloria Maris that’s the important thing besides I didn’t shell out any single cent for this posh dinner so pardon my ranting here. 🙂

To my dear employer, I wish more revenues to come, may it hit its highest this year so we can all enjoy our fat bonuses in December. 🙂 Seriously, I enjoyed working with you for the last 13 years, there may have been resentment once in a while but that doesn’t mean I hate everything around, just a few okay.


Happy 35th year ICS! Cheers from my loving team! 🙂



Gloria Maris Shark’s Fin Restaurant
Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan City
T. (632) 466-1998



4 responses to “happy 35th!

  1. dizzymissmaddy February 17, 2013 at 3:27 am

    OMYYYY! haha thanks for making me drool a little 😛 … The food looks so good!

  2. madjewel February 17, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    is this the new gloria maris in greenhills? I think I saw it earlier today, its huge and classy
    PS: i like the slight curl on your hair 🙂

    • january February 18, 2013 at 10:24 am

      yes, this is the new one; the old one across Unimart had been knock down. the new resto had this hotel feel, high ceilings, chandeliers, glass panes and the price had increased to almost 20% of its old rate.

      thanks, the curls were fake, hehehe i just used hair iron on it tho I’m now considering a permanent perm 🙂

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