The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

a little of fasting and abstinence

Even before this year’s Ash Wednesday I started my meatless Friday last week,

shakey's seafood marinara

Shakey’s Seafood Marinara was a miss because it’s too oily, it was swimming in oil (not so sure if its olive oil or what). Anyhow, this wasn’t just the only food we had that night we had the usual chicken and mojos and chef’s salad.

mac & cheese classic

Ash Wednesday, I fast which was something I haven’t really done in years. I didn’t have any rice meal the whole day. This is what we had over dinner after hearing the 7pm mass at The Power Plant Mall. Mac & Cheese Classic from Gourmet, it was bland (I was expecting it to be super cheesy 😦 ) but all I can taste was the garlic powder (very McCormick) on top of it.

cold storage's

California Maki and Salmon Sashimi from Rustan’s Supermarket, it was pretty good, at least Cold Storage never failed.

And this was last night’s V-dinner at home. Take outs from Army Navy. Cheese Quesadillas, Captain Fried Chicken and Freedom Fries! 😛

Tonight, I’m expecting a grand dinner and so far Gloria Maris never failed me yet. Happy 35th to my employer!



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