The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

CNY games, our very own version

feb 10.2013-5

We’re no Chinese, we don’t have even a slight of Chinese blood that run in our veins, we’re not chinky-eyed either but my family uphold some (and miss most) of the Chinese practices, we’re like fans trying to copycat! Yesterday, we make merry (parang Christmas lang 🙂 ) as we welcome the year of the Water Snake. CNY this year becomes big time in our house with my maternal family around and one of the highlights of our celebration was the party games where kids and adults take parts.

feb 10.2013-6

It’s quite a challenge for me to stay away from the traditional party games so to make it a little Chinese-y I add in some Chinese touch. The first game for the kids involves marshmallows, plastics cups and wooden chopsticks. It’s very basic, no-brainer at all. The kids just need to transfer 10pcs of marshmallow to the other cup using their chopsticks (hence, the difficult part 🙂 ) . The kids have fun with this first activity and the winner got a pack of chocolate egg heads. 😀

feb 10.2013-7

The second game, for the adults this time we make use of Nagaraya peanuts, ceramic cups and chopsticks. It’s very similar with the kid’s marshmallow edition except for the coated peanuts this time. In 30 seconds, the one who transferred the most numbered of peanuts won.

feb 10.2013-8

Yehey to Lyn! 🙂

feb 10.2013-9

Next was the puto eating contest which starred the kids again, the first who finished off the 2pcs of puto get the slot here.

feb 10.2013-10

My nephew P was very determined to win the slot but he’s a slow eater despite his size. 😀

feb 10.2013-11

The most important game was the pancit eating, not the ordinary pancit because I picked the extra chili variant so you can imagine the spiciness in every bite.

feb 10.2013-12

I’m sorry guys if it has to be this tough! 😀

feb 10.2013-13

P requested that we do the Gangnam dance contest, he later on outshine the rest of the kids.

feb 10.2013-14

This kid is a bona fide dancer! Move on Psy! 🙂

feb 10.2013-15feb 10.2013-16

And last but not the least was the very famous Pinoy Henyo, everyone wanted this game badly kahit uber gasgas na ‘to so I obliged despite my low energy.

feb 10.2013-17

In all fairness, they’re witty to guess the word I personally pick or sadyang so easy lang talaga ng mga choices ko. Hehehe…

We ended the night early because we need to retire earlier, bakit kase me pasok today? Pnoy should have declared Monday as special non-working holiday so my leave today would not count at all. 🙂  Anyhow, CNY this year was too eventful and it makes me one happy bee. 😛


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