The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

retail therapy Sun-date

We’re confessed mall rats (yes even at our age) so while at SM MOA we didn’t let go of the chance to peek at some interesting shops. We dropped by Marks & Spencer, I was hoping to score a decent blouse on its sale rack but only few pieces were left. I still had my sizes on their chinos but after hoarding five pairs for the last two weeks from M&S and Debenhams I change my mind on getting another pair despite the husband’s backing that it was a good deal. I was eyeing a nice top at Gap but with its sale price of more than a thousand still I didn’t even attempt to try it on. I don’t understand why Gap is so pricey even if it’s already on its final phase of sale. 😦  I had my eye on a pretty lace top at Forever 21 but, yes I have plenty of buts even after fitting it several times. I’m thinking that I might find the same piece overrun nga lang 😀  at a favorite thrift shop in Tagaytay and it’s not too soon because we’re home bound this coming weekend. I didn’t attempt Zara, the latter and I have a size issue having produced dresses for the skinny ones alone. Hehehe.

feb 3-14

The last shop we stepped-in excites the husband, he’s very pushy that I should look for something too. I didn’t find any except those airslim camisoles that’s way over my budget so in short I didn’t get it. But I was more than contended to play the role of a very supportive wife while the husband shops this time. He loves Uniqlo even the first time we visited the shop last year, they carry cheap jeans which is way cheaper than Forever 21 and comfy tees and three-forths that the husband had been crushing on. Though his complain was the size, smaller than the standard. He’s Medium and very rare Large but with Uniqlo he became an XL. 🙂


Like me he worries that the stock would run out so he got two in different shade. ( I wasn’t able to shoot his entire loot so I downloaded the same pieces from Uniqlo’s)

feb 3-16

He had no plans of getting a new pair of jeans besides he has plenty to date but after trying on the color jeans, he became weak and eventually gave in to his heart’s desire. I cannot agree more especially on its price tag at P390 only! The item was categorized as damage after having its inseam altered, whoever is the culprit we no longer care.

feb 3-17

Hey, did I tell you that he got the color jeans in pink. That’s how bold he is, he loves the shade of pink and red. Let’s put it this way, he belongs to the new HE who embraces the feminine color without being judged. 🙂

feb 3-18

Oooops I got a new skinny belt for me at Forever 21 pala.

feb 3-19

And another Leather Effect Shopper Bag from Mango in Asphalt this time. 🙂

feb 3-20

Before we drove home I requested some coffee and pairing, we bought some of our coffee pairing from BreadTalk and from Tous Les Jours, the French-Asian bakery that opened its doors to Philippine market last year. Tous Le Jours artisan cakes are eye-candy and I can’t wait for an occasion to come so that I’ll have a good excuse to get one.

feb 3-21

Party Twist P28

feb 3-22

I’m a sucker for of cute paper bags and Tous Le Jours’ makes me happy! Oh no, I don’t collect it I normally reuse it when considered necessary. 😀

feb 3-25

It was one of the weekends I’d love to go back over, no demands, trouble-free and blessed in many ways. Yes, even after splurging some it pays back even this small, oh I mean tall –a complimentary drink from Starbucks!

feb 3-23

Customer Voice Receipt –SB’s way of getting feedback from its consumer and in return a tall beverage is given for free. 😛

feb 3-24

Now, I’m looking for the forthcoming weekend and celebrate Chinese New Year with the family!



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