The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

we’re now Pepper Lovers!

feb 3-3

I know right that Pepper Lunch has been in the Philippines some five years ago (almost) but despite its presence I was not enticed to try it out not even once. I find it too fancy when a solo meal would cost me a rocking P300++, it’s not my concept of affordable and I can be prudent like the husband at times. Hehehe…

When Pepper Lunch Express opened in Glorietta 4 the husband became interested to some extent but because we were always almost in the rush when dining there we cannot go through the long line, so in short we haven’t tried it until yesterday. 🙂

feb 3-2

He was decided that we go to Trinoma the reason of course he’s not driving because the MRT is so conveniently located for us but I had second thoughts and I find it a bit distant plus I know how MRT can get too crowded. He was suggesting that we could go to Shangri-la Mall but I was there just last weekend when he went out of town so to end the story short we agreed that we drive to SM Mall of Asia for a change. We don’t frequent MOA because location wise its way off while The Powerplant Mall is just a jump away. Anyhow, we have no plan or whatsoever, we just wanted to walk around and on my part watch the sundown. I don’t get to see a sundown on a regular basis so seeing one is an awesome sight I would love to witness over and over again. I guess everyone is charmed by simply watching the sun slowly recede on the western horizon; it’s too romantic to pass over if you have the chance.

feb 3-4

But wait, even before the sundown we dined just near the South Veranda of the mall, at Pepper Lunch you can in fact witness the sundown, they have tables & chairs set-up fronting the bay area but because the sun was still up when we were there dining outside of its air-conditioned restaurant wasn’t an option. Placing an order was easy I didn’t expect it to be that quick.

And it didn’t take so long for our hot plates to arrive; we had the cheapest here at P198 only. Thank you for the promo (Return Of The Favorites) Pepper Lunch!

feb 3-5

The husband’s choice –BBQ Beef and Pork Pepper Rice.

feb 3-6

As first timer’s we have no idea that it should be mixed equally including the rice on the center. We just did it after the meat was cooked. Di po kase nagbasa ng instructions on how to. 😐

feb 3-7

This was mine –Supreme Pepper Rice with fresh shrimp, beef and chicken.

feb 3-8

I love it because it came with an egg. Read here my love affair with eggs. 😛

feb 3-10

And I like it better with Honey Brown Sauce and a dash of freshly ground pepper. Yum!

feb 3-9

I have a feeling that the husband would request an upsize on our second visit. 😀

Now you’re guessing where the sunset post is, I failed to capture it right.

feb 3-11feb 3-12feb 3-13

I thought I already know how to manage my camera’s setting, I failed. Nevertheless, it was humbling and I look forward to more dates with my ‘ney even if it means just waiting for the sundown.



Pepper Lunch
Location 233-235, 2nd floor
Entertainment Mall, South Veranda
Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay CityOperating Hours:
10am – 10pm (Monday to Sunday)


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