The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

yet another slow-mo week for this blog

january 2013 sale

I was told that when you’re too busy with something time flies so fast and before you know it the sale month is almost over, hehehe.

dragon dance 2013

not my photo

Was quite focused at work the past couple of days the reason why I’m taking it slow here. The Chinese New Year is coming so soon that’s why we were visited by a roaring dragon at work. It’s one of the many Chinese traditions that we look forward every year, dragons are believed to bring good luck to people so bring it on!

tikoy 2013

While CNY is nearing we give out Tikoy’s to our clients and suppliers and because I’ve been with the company for more than a decade now I must have acquired the same practice and got some to send out to my in-laws and maternal family.

And receiving a bag of bakk-wa all the way from Singapore is love, many thanks to Mr. T.

I don’t know but I see “things” getting a little monotonous these days and the only thing that’s not is my favorite teleseryes on ABS. They keep on getting better and giving every fan something to look forward each night. Juan dela Cruz is coming soon on Feb 4, so watch out for it, Coco fan here. 😀

my team

Anyhow, today is Friday, the end of another work week. I’ll have lunch with my girls in a little while and off to a dinner invitation later on. Weekend is supposed to be home and rest this time but I’m itching to go out and pay the mall one last visit before the sale period ends.

Have a happy weekend dears! 🙂



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