The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

surviving Saturday without ‘ney

Whew! Thankful for C’s company because I survived Saturday without the husband, C and I splurged a little at those thrift shops in Market! Market! earlier and we’re both so happy with our purchases. Big TY to C for the Sbarro treat, no worries pizza won’t kill us in a snap. Let’s not forget that our perspective “once in a while” isn’t bad at all, remember we’re conscious eaters now only but hey we’re not sick. Guess eating hearty meals doesn’t need any reason at all. Oh, sorry Mrs. F you miss the fun and of course the bargains. 😀

Now here comes Sunday, I’m planning to do a quick-visit at Shangri-la Mall (I hope I’d wake up earlier so I can do this right away) and later on get that much-needed pedi. If everything would happen just the way I’m planning it at this time, I’ll be home earlier to complete the household chores (itago moko sa pangalang Inday 🙂  ). And the husband would be very happy to know that while he’s away Momi didn’t spent all her precious time at the mall poking around with those “further reductions” signs. Hehehe…

I miss the husband badly and I can’t wait for him to be home. Hay! 

egg salad sandwich

By the way, because I’m home alone I’m too lazy to cook up, I don’t feel eating scrumptious dishes all by myself so yesterday morning’s brunch was egg salad sandwich. I felt really full after finishing the three-layered goodness I personally prepared, di po over-the-counter yan! Tomorrow morning, oh I mean breakie later might be just the same unless I’ll find it boring and do a ham sandwich this time.

rbx chicken & chorizo

Uhm I know it’s unhealthy, spell M.S.G it probably has in huge amount but I’ve been an avid fan of this Chinese food take-out ever since it came in town. I had it for dinner with some dimsum take-out too from Paotsin. Solve!

Thank you Lord for the happy Saturday! 😛


4 responses to “surviving Saturday without ‘ney

  1. docgelo January 27, 2013 at 1:57 am

    if my memory serves me right, those are rice-in-a-box takeaways?
    tina & i loved their seafood bagoong way back our med school days!
    sarap! you just had me craving with all those sbarro’s, egg salad sandwich and rbx plus paotsin!
    missing everything in pinas!

    have fun when you go to shangri la mall later, ms elna! 🙂

    ps : i’m surprised you’re still awake and posted an entry at almost 2AM. same with me, but for us, we’re still enjoying our long holiday (since thursday) till monday night! 😀 we all badly need to de-stress and recharge, don’t we?

    • january January 27, 2013 at 2:08 am

      i’m not really used to sleeping alone so it’s good that the internet is keeping me company 🙂

      yes, those are rice-in-a-box, got two orders of my favorite chicken & chorizo earlier. i haven’t tried the seafood bagoong yet but with its name alone i know its flavorful as is, will try that next time.

      oh buti pa kayo long break again, then CNY na you’ll be in holiday mode again i’m green with envy. happy sunday docgelo!

  2. Sheena January 29, 2013 at 10:24 am

    MSG goodness :>

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