The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

post-Christmas party with the P-boys

Part of my overdue post was my reunion with the P-boys. I call it reunion because our encounters are becoming much lesser despite the fact that we’re just all Manila-based. I guess 2012 was such a very busy year for everyone the reason why we keep on cancelling our dates. Anyhow, we’re all okay to go after Christmas so we set the date on December 27. Yea, I partied with them and snubbed my 2nd niece’s baptism. 😀  Just kiddin, I have work that day and I cannot take a leave anymore considering that year-end is a busier sight at the office, so right after work I met up with the group. Sorry Ysa for Ninang’s absence on your special day. 😐

talyer dec2012-12

We didn’t consider any other place for this post-Christmas gathering, so you’re guessing it easily –Talyer is the best place we could ever think of anytime of the year. It doesn’t matter if the place looks crappy and old, perhaps it’s the only place we feel comfortable like our own. And every time we hit the place we feel 10 years younger and 20 pounds lighter (well, in my case hehehe).

talyer dec2012-3talyer dec2012-2talyer dec2012-1

Apart from the fact that the place is like second home for us, we preferred the food, no not just the appetizers, they cook way better than any of its rivalry, besides the prices are so affordable. 🙂

And of the plethora of reasons why I love that date night.

talyer dec2012-4

Cheap beers, a little over than its supposed SRP. 🙂

talyer dec2012-5talyer dec2012-6talyer dec2012-7

Happy faces 😀

talyer dec2012-8

Normal signs of aging –the need for eye glasses!

talyer dec2012-9

Pel’s was on the bottom, we don’t understand why he keeps on coming late when in fact his time is much in advance that any other. 😀

talyer dec2012-10

I love this bunch of friends because they don’t ran out of stories to share, of topics to discuss and disagree, of chismis to talk about, of life lessons to tell. They can talk about anything and everything under the sun, so you’ll feel witty as well with their intelligent conversation. And the husband feels comfortable with them especially with the person right next to him. 🙂

talyer dec2012-11

I look forward to celebrating more occasions with you guys, for me our friendship remains to be the BEST I ever had. Let’s hang out once again! 🙂



P.S. Original photos where corrupted and the following were shortly downloaded from facebook, sorry for the poor copies. 😦


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