The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

a merry day with the maternals

And another overdue post with hardly any photos to share (remember what happened to my external HD?) was the post-Christmas party with the maternals. We set the date on December 30 for everyone’s convenience, the venue didn’t change probably because we all feel its right that this occasion should always happen close to where our Ina and Ama grew old and died. Though it feels sad now that the bungalow that used to be a happy-house turns to be lonely now. I hope my cousin Miwi who’s now in-charge of the property should would give the house a make-over or something that would bring life to its surroundings. 🙂


Anyhow, we had a fun-party, happier than last year because everyone was in attendance. And everyone really made an effort to buy their gifts for the Kris-Kringle. Unlike last year, we didn’t pick any name in particular this time for a change and went back to the tricky one. But I’m so pleased that it turned out really well because everyone was cautious, everyone received the perfect gift including B (she received a very soft pillow). I guess the huge success of this year’s party should be tagged to everyone because everyone came out so thoughtful and creative with their gifts. Everyone was delighted to open his, this year’s Kris Kringle was truly meant –a light-hearted tradition and is meant to be just fun!


Now, if only I have a way to recover the photos and share it here. Sigh! Nevertheless, I saved the group shot that depicts splendidly how it’s been –we’re all in high spirits so you know. 🙂


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