The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

just because we miss Hong Kong

I don’t want to admit that eating out is becoming a habit once again for us, it’s a bad habit and it’s becoming unregulated, it should be stopped or else I’ll end up in bad condition all over again. But how can we resist such tempting street foods, when it says as authentic as in Hong Kong. We miss Hong Kong terribly and the closest way for us to picture ourselves back in Hong Kong is to feast endlessly on its famous street food. 🙂

eat fresh-1

I read about the place –Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food from a mommy blogger and because it’s within my area I planned us to dine there one of these days. Friday night was unexpected, we didn’t plan of getting Eat Fresh a try but it happened after exploring the line-up of food eateries along J. Abad Santos. I was literally stunned that the place is jam-packed even it was already pass dinnertime. They say if there is a massive pile of people then the place must be good. 🙂  From its outside counter you can order your favorite HK street food right away (very much alike in HK, we tried it near Causewaybay and documented here); plain and simple but because we wanted to feel through the locale we decide on to dine. I bet if we came in a bigger group a table would take some time to be free but because we’re just two it was easy for us to squeeze ourselves and share a table with another family. I don’t know if they accept reservations but I suggest you come early if you plan to dine there at lunch. A little forewarning here, manage your expectation before trying this place folks, it’s not an upscale eatery with the likes of Eat Well but the place is clean, the food is absolutely good and reasonably priced, in fact it’s very cheap you must know! 🙂

eat fresh-2

The menu was very simple but it had everything on it from rice toppings, noodles, street foods, dimsums, short orders, drinks and dessert. They also have frozen items which you can take home.

And with its street food offering of more than 30 items I had a hard time picking ours.

eat fresh-3

Our first set –Fishballs P25, Big Isaw P25, Snow Shrimp P35, and Lobster Balls P35.

my first attempt to eat isaw was a huge success parang pusit at sashimi lang for the very first time hehehe…

eat fresh-5

The husband got an order of Bola-bola Congee P115 which I find boring at first but it was so good, it’s a plus factor that it was served on a clay pot because it remained hot until its last spoonful.

I ordered the Singapore Laksa because it’s not the usual noodle soup; the serving style itself was attention-grabbing. But after waiting for more than 15 minutes I was told that they run out of noodles and I have to wait for another 20 minutes. I’m dead hungry and waiting once more can never be a preference. I asked for the Hong Kong Noodle Soup instead. Ok, despite of what happened I didn’t fumed, I was irritated yes but I controlled being filthy, I don’t want to end the night feeling upset. So, while waiting for my noodle soup (take note here the husband had already finished his congee) I got us another set of street food.

eat fresh-6

Breaded Scallop P35 and another order of Snow Shrimp because I love how it looked like –a real shrimp that is! 🙂

eat fresh-7eat fresh-8

Not too long the Hong Kong Noodle Soup P125 was served, it was peeping hot and fresh! And the order can serve two, obviously I can’t finish it alone especially that I already stuffed myself with street food earlier; I shared it with the husband who came double hungry from work. 😀

eat fresh-9

I was never been a fan of the milk tea craze so we skipped ordering Eat Fresh version and had the refreshing Black Gulaman. For its size it cost us only P60, another steal!

eat fresh-10

We’re definitely coming back and I plan to bring friends here. By the way, parking is a bit of problem especially during peak hours but none that you can figure out besides public transport is very available on this side. 😛



Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food
691 J. Abad Santos St., near cor. V. Ibanez St., Little Baguio, San Juan City
T. 2966573/2349059

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