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the new leaf of January is my Month!

happy birthday to me

A day after the husband marked his 40 something birthday came mine; I love it that way that we celebrate our birthdays one after the other because we have plenty of excuse to have a good time. 🙂


Monday-Jan 14. It was my 39th birthday! Yes, I’m that old and I don’t intend to hide it, nor deceive anyone that I’m still at my 20’s hehehe. I already have gray hair and wrinkles, its normal so why worry about it anyway.

Because we came straight from Cavite that day, I had second thoughts of coming to work early. I don’t have a decent sleep yet to count and I feel like floating but I wanted to go on with my original plan so I really need to give myself a big push to take a bath as early as 5am and prepare something for my team. Before 8am I was already at the office, it was utterly surprising for my team, I know they didn’t expect my coming early on especially that it’s Monday. I can sense their cooking up something for me but I spoiled it hahaha, sorry guys! Rather I surprised them all with some breakie chow, for a change on my birthday let me be in-charge. 🙂


I brought them home-cooked spaghetti, ham and pandesal.


One of my girls, Kathleen, brought this assortment of breakfast item. I know they made a plan but over the weekend they make changes which apparently Kathleen didn’t get or they really forget to include Kathleen’s number on the loop. Lagot kayo 😀


And special thanks to my good friend C for the bilao of pancit, it was so thoughtful of her. 😛


I had a cheery Monday-birthday bash!


At lunch time as I was taking a short nap the surprise popped in, bursting with some singing of happy birthday, a birthday cake and a lunch treat from my team. You got me there! 🙂  Really, I didn’t expect you’ll make it this soon, all the while I thought you’re saving your surprise-thing over meryenda.


I was over the moon and I couldn’t thank you enough for giving me this birthday blow! 😛

Well, because it’s my birthday I left work earlier last Monday, I simply excused myself from being harassed by follow ups and issues that never stops, spare me please it’s my birthday naman. I went right away at Ayala Center, I was thinking of getting some mani-pedi treatment while waiting for the husband but he came just in time so I ditched the idea. I need a birthday treat, oh I mean we. 🙂  We shopped a little at the favorite shop, I can’t feel guilty in any case because the favorite shop is at 50% sale plus I get another 5% off because I was a member and because it’s my birthday I’m good for another 10% take off from my total purchase. The very reason why I have plenty of reasons to love, love Debenhams!


Right after our minute shopping spree (yes, I called its spree kahit pa I bought an item lang, hehehe) we drove to Boni High for dinner. Where else at Clawdaddy! I brought with me the GC I won last December so it would helped us pay less for the posh dinner.


We’re first timers at Clawdaddy so I read reviews before this date; I want us to sample its best offers because it’s a special day. The food choices at Clawdaddy are extensive from its appetizer, soup, salad, pasta, pizza, meats and seafood of course. But one thing I’m positive we can’t get wrong because what they have is everything we love and pine for!


Soon as we’ve placed our orders, the complimentary corn on the cob was shortly served. It wasn’t the sweetest but with hungry tummies like ours the serving was kindly. We were told that our main course will be ready in 25 minutes; it would be a long wait I know so we decided to get something quick while waiting for it.


The Onion Tower P185. The breading was a bit thick but it’s not the usual breading because even after re-heating the leftovers at home it didn’t looked soggy at all. I liked their dip and it was generously served.


Shrimp Etoufee P385 (Penne rigate, shrimp, creamy basil, pesto, Parmesan). We have to get an order of pasta, we just don’t want to end up dishearten if the main course would be in small serving only. Amongst the pasta dishes it was best recommended by our very attentive wait staff, sorry I didn’t got his name. It was in heavy cream with bounty of shrimps which we both love. We didn’t even finished half of it because we have to give more space for this!


Seafood Boil P1,495 (Crabs, fresh prawns, South Pacific clams, giant white mussels, Manila clams, green mussels, Andouille, sausage, potatoes and corn). Our much-awaited plate that night! The husband was in wonderment upon seeing this huge bowl of everything and he can’t help himself studying what’s inside. I was amazed too by the assortment of seafood which we are to devour now. It was so pleasant, even the smell that comes out of that plastic bag.


By the way, if you got a seafood boil or any boiling bag order you got a free pitcher of lemonade or iced tea. We chose the latter because the husband preferred it.


We kept mum for awhile while stuffing ourselves, we love every bit and pieces of our boiling bag and we can’t help but sipped the flavorful broth.


After two hours this is what happened to our Seafood Boil. 😀


And all I can say is we would definitely bookmark this place –homey, relaxed, welcoming and they feed every guest with something super!


I wanted to borrow the lady’s crabby headdress and took a photo of me but I shy away so I took her photo instead.


I had a happy, happy birthday! Thank you everyone dearly for making my special day a fantastic one! Now, let’s do the claw! 😀



Clawdaddy Seafood Restaurant
Space #1F14 Bonifacio High St., Global City, Taguig
T. (02) 856-4785

7 responses to “happy birthday to me

  1. bythesparklingsea January 21, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    great pictures! happy birthday 🙂

  2. madjewel January 21, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    looks like you had a wonderful day. happy birthday!

  3. jane January 23, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    belated happy birthday! 🙂 I’m sure you had a great one. Oh, and by the way, if you have your items shipped by JAC, don’t forget to ask for a discount! 😉 They’re very nice & accomodating, lambingin mo lang sila & for sure you’ll get a hefty discount haha. Stay happy & in love! :-*

    • january January 23, 2013 at 6:37 pm

      hi, ms jane. will surely take note of the discount thing 😀 and thank you for the belated birthday greetings and for leaving a sweet comment here! 🙂

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