The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

the birthday trip

little souls-12

happy birthday ‘ney!

Sunday. It was the husband’s 43rd birthday, we didn’t plan anything biggie probably because we still have that big hang over of the holidays and driving farther than Tagaytay wasn’t an option besides we haven’t scheduled Winnie and Alfred’s maintenance check-up yet the reason why. Even so, we started the day early because B couldn’t be stopped from bugging us as early as 6am. B is always like that, she doesn’t approve us staying longer in bed.

While I consider getting an early bathe despite the very cold surroundings the husband was in his running shoes though he promised to be back immediately for our 10am engagement. I sometimes love it that the husband is not around while I’m down to fixing myself and getting ready to wander. At least he doesn’t find my stuffs silly too and I don’t hear him complains about my being slow-moving. He wouldn’t understand at all the truth that I have a big hair to manage and he, he doesn’t have anything to worry about his. Peace ‘ney. Hehehe.

We left the house 10 minutes before 10am; I estimated our coming late considering that, we still have to locate the place because it would be our first visit there. However, getting lost in a city we are so familiar wouldn’t be an acceptable fate on that special day of him. Glad we didn’t drive the wrong way and we didn’t make any wrong turns at all. 🙂

little souls-1

Whenever we drive to Mahogany Market the sign “Little Souls” would capture my attention our way home. I have no idea of the place and thought that this was just another religious foundation that sits at the borders of Tagaytay. Last week during my searches for places to go in Tagaytay I remember the place and Googled, it turns out that the place has been a recommended place to visit especially for people who’d like it to be solemn and serene. I love the place even at first sight.

little souls-2

The Little Souls Chapel is very much like the Pink Sisters Convent which we frequent in Tagaytay, with steel balustrade that separates the altar from the pews only that theme here is peach –the church, the seats and the sisters wore peach habit and wimple. And like the Pink Sisters, the Peach Sisters will help you pray for your petitions.

little souls-3

During my little research, the chapel houses The Sacred Crucifix said to have healed people from all walks of life. This crucifix came from Belgium and only two of these crucifixes are known to exist, and one of them was given in Chevremont, Belgium to the Philippine Chapter of the Legion of Little Souls. Thus was the beginning of The Sacred Crucifix’s safekeeping at the convent of the Little Souls Sisters in Tagaytay. You can read more HERE.

little souls-10little souls-4

Anyhow, because we arrived at the chapel a little behind the 10am mass schedule, we make a very silent entry so as not to disrupt and grab everyone’s attention. Thankful that we were able to get ourselves seats at the outer wing of the chapel. And I guess we made the right choice because we got to feel the cold breeze and fresh space at the same time. And to account it’s one of the most holy and solemn mass I attended so far, even the sound system was soften giving a more serene impression. And I love it that kids do not stroll back and forth at the aisles, their parents were sensible enough to teach these kids how it’s supposed to behave while holy mass is happening. Another thing which set the Little Souls Chapel distinct was the way they give Holy Communion, they request everyone to kneel down and receive the body of Christ on the tongue. I don’t know with you but I find these acts sacred and I look forward to attending mass at this charming chapel from now on.

little souls-9little souls-8

By the way, the Sunday mass we attended was a healing mass, right after the mass those who wanted to be healed was requested to kneel down once more to receive a daub of holy oil at the forehead and at the wrist. I feel blessed after that. Soon after Leoncio and I wrote our petitions and silently prayed, I pray for B’s health, I prayed for another good year of good feelings, that Leoncio would do extremely well this year, that my parents and the rest of the family would have a flourishing year.

little souls-5little souls-6

At the rear side of the chapel was a store where you can buy religious items like rosaries, stampitas, meditation leaflets, etc. I was after the holy oil which I planned to give out to ailing friends, I read that it won’t cost me too much and just donations of P50 will be asked but probably it was way back years ago because the holy oil were priced at P200 (small bottle) and P500 (bigger bottle) each. I felt a little setback here but still grab two small bottles for Nanay and for our own use. And I didn’t let go of the chance to sample the delicious treat which was prepared by the nuns, I didn’t mind the cold weather that gave me a chill, brrrr, I got us one ice cream sandwich in strawberry.

little souls-7

Yum! 😀

Before we drove home, we dropped by at the Mahogany Market to get some fresh meat, lettuce, spinach (which we carelessly left at the stall) and at Summit Ridge to get some more items for our small and simple salo-salo following that afternoon.

little souls-11

We had a great start on his birthday; I’ll post photos of his little party next. 🙂



The Little Souls Sisters Chapel & Convent
Little Souls Road, Barangay Patutong Malaki,
Mahogany Avenue, 4120 Tagaytay City
T. +63 (046) 860-1619 or in Manila at (+632) 809-2409

10 responses to “the birthday trip

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  5. Clare May 4, 2013 at 12:34 am

    Do you know if the sisters have a website? Thanks!

    • january May 7, 2013 at 11:13 am

      hi, clare. they use to have a website but it’s no longer working. you can contact them on the numbers i provided at the end of this post.

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  7. dhonmrv December 27, 2013 at 11:30 am

    Do you know how I will be able to get there if mag commute lang ako? Thanks.

    • january December 27, 2013 at 2:03 pm

      from coastal mall integrated terminal ride a bus going to tagaytay, nasugbu or alfonso. tell the bus driver to drop you at little souls road along mahogany avenue (you’ll pass by mahogany market & mater dei academy). there are trikes already at the road entrance. 🙂

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