The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

for the boys only

I know he was the happiest that day and I’m equally happy that I’m the wife. 🙂

On his birthday last Sunday we threw a simple yet substantial salo-salo at my parent’s house. We didn’t made invitations at all (sorry to the maternals) because we want it to be a small gathering plus we didn’t cooked too many, just enough for the household folks.


Leoncio just wanted to treat the neighborhood for the warm welcome every time we’re home. And finally he made use of his amateur-ey talent in bartending. Yehey to him! 😀


We requested Nanay to cook pancit and tinumis (dinuguan or blood stew), she also prepared lumpiang shanghai and we bought my favorite puto sa dahon. Nothing fancy but gave everyone a burp. Oh, I forgot to get a decent photo of Leoncio’s version of pork sisig. Sure it was a hit especially to the folks outside who made our garage their shield for the night while beer is overflowing.


Thank you for the singing :D, for the great company and for simply coming on his special day. 🙂



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