The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

i got these for me…

I’ve been telling this for many years that Christmas for me never meant to shop for myself unless it’s certainly necessary. So last December I made sure not to cross the borders again especially that we’re up to some major projects that will compel big cash outs this year.

Exactly what I just got during the holidays,

charles&keith ankle strap-1charles&keith ankle strap-2

A pair of Charles & Keith stilettos on sale at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. This pair cost me not more than USD10. I used it at my cousin’s wedding last December and it was the perfect match of the Special Edition Red Herring dress which I also got on sale at the outlet less 70% of course.

forever21 studded shoulder bag

Forever 21 studded shoulder bag, it was a bit expensive (well, for me) and I went back twice for it. On the second visit even if I had apprehension of buying it (because of its price) I went straight at the cashier soon as the stock was handed to me. Lady luck was on me, I got it at 30%. I love this piece because it’s not too formal and I can use it even on regular days and night outs too.

I also got some cheap office wears (tops mostly) at those tiangge and thrift shops we’ve visited during the Christmas month.

debenhams christmas bagred herring pumps

But tell you I’m not skipping the shopping spree this month, the favorite shop is now on 50% sale and I’ve visited already over the weekend and happily took home two pairs of ballet flats. The husband pushed me to buy it right away; he said why wait for the 70% markdown when it’s limited already and any moment someone might chance it too.

RH Gold Broderie Satin Pumps

RH Gold Broderie Satin Pumps

RH Black Pumps

RH Black Pumps

Anyhow, by Monday I’m entitled to another 10% discount on top of the 5% off they extend to members, all in all I’ll be getting 15% off on top of its sale price if I choose to shop during my birthday week. What a lovely gift! Seen nice dresses and tops, I’m too excited to go back soon. 😛

What did you got for yourself during the holiday folks?



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