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a wedding in December, Pao+Heize

If you will ask me to describe the relationship I have with the paternal side I can do it in one sentence, ooops let me say it again, a word could do it true –COLD. I don’t know but I grew up with that distant feel even though some of them were just living around. Don’t bother to ask me for reasons because I can’t give any too, it’s the way we were before and until this day it remained impassive. If in 2013 things change, I would thank the universe of course. 🙂

P+H 25

not my photo

P+H 26

not my photo

Last December 22, my whole family was invited once more to a wedding. Certainly not just anyone’s wedding, it was Paolo and Heize, Paolo is a first cousin from the paternal side. Tatay and Nanay were principal sponsors yet again. And despite the indifference that runs in my blood I don’t want to miss this event, you know I will forever love wedding celebrations. It’s one of the beautiful occasions I always love to witness –I dos, wedding vows, wedding gown, flowers and cute flower girls, blissful wedding reception, etc. I’m such a big fan! However, Leoncio and I came in late because of his work, grrrr! I almost backed out the last minute because I know we’re so so late and I feel shame showing up at the wedding reception only. But the husband had this fighting spirit that we could make it at the church so I dressed up. He kept on reassuring me that everything will be okay as if he owns the road or that he owns a private plane that could cut short our travel time. I should trust him anyway, hehehe.

P+H 5

The wedding was supposed to start at 2:30pm the invite says but while on our way my sister’s sms says it started a little bit late, I was hoping it would get some more minutes delayed as if I was part of the entourage. 😀  From our apartment we braved Edsa up to Skyway to South Superhighway; his speed was at almost 120, I was praying for safety. In less than an hour we arrived at Tagaytay still in one piece. Thank you Lord! 🙂

P+H 1

The wedding church was Ina ng Laging Saklolo and yes the mass was still ongoing when we got there. However, we missed the many part of the wedding already including the one I always look forward –the bridal walk which I always find touching and teary. We arrived during the offertory part, missing the wedding rites. Sigh! Anyhow, at least we were there during the most important part of the event –picture taking and the wedding program of course!

P+H 27P+H 28P+H 4P+H 3

Few shots I made at the church while well wishers gave Mr.  & Mrs Paolo Ocampo a shower of confetti and lighted some sparkles to make their love story shine!

P+H 2

Oh, I found those sparkles a bit risky for the bride’s wedding gown and the entourage chiffon dresses too. 😦

P+H 6

Since the wedding reception venue was just next to the church we decided to walk going to T-House. It was my first time at T-House and I bet most guests do, nobody expected the hassle of walking while using the driveway. The latter was way too steep and I felt I would slide down any moment in my pretty-dangerous Charles & Keith stilettos. If it really happened that I slipped down I would have probably label December 22, 2012 as a tragic day. You just don’t know, I got my first burn prior to leaving the house that day and blame the hair iron for it! 😦

P+H 18

When we’re finally down safely, thanks to the guard’s assistance, a pre-dinner cocktail welcomed everyone. T-House like how they described it is a clean slate, I agree to that. Its creative team wonderfully designed easy-on-the-eyes surroundings with natural colors in tow. I love the line-up of big trees that give shade to the cocktail area. The “T” must be really true for Tranquility.

P+H 7

Table assignments hung around on cut tree trunks. I bet this one inspired by Pinterest. 🙂

P+H 8

The cocktail lasted for more than 30 minutes and while it’s happening I had the chance to rub elbows with the paternal. This doesn’t happen normally so I took the chance and asked them to pose. With Ate Lyra (DFA Consul in Washington) and Ate Winnie and family (Ate Winnie is a Dentist by profession while her husband is a Medical Doctor). These are just bunch of my very successful paternal relatives.

P+H 9

Yes my paternal cousins are pretty and mestiza-looking; I guess they got our grandmother’s genes which unfortunately we didn’t. Plus they have Chinese blood like one fourth of it so it’s very evident on their skin color and I envy them. 😐

OTD: Special Edition Red Herrring dress (cheap find at Debenhams Outlet) & C&K grey ankle strap (from Charles & Keith Outlet)

OOTD: Special Edition Red Herrring dress (cheap find at Debenhams Outlet) & C&K grey ankle strap (from Charles & Keith Outlet)

The only downfall of having a longer cocktail, it will give your varicose veins a breakout. And remember that elderly guests are not apt for standing too long. Hehehe.

P+H 10P+H 11P+H 12

At the formal dinner, yes, expect the lengthy wedding program which we didn’t mind at all except that the bride missed to get a good MC at her wedding reception. If not for the disk jockey’s modulated voice, the party would end up like a kiddie party. You know what I exactly mean; the MC had this very irritating high pitched voice that sounds like a classic squawk of chicken laying eggs. I hope the bride (Heize) won’t stumble upon this blog; I heard the MC is a close friend of hers. 🙂

P+H 14

I’m not a foodie expert here but I guess T-House needs to improve their dishes. It’s chef or chefs should reinvent their offerings, sorry but I find the food too bland for my taste. In photo: Puttanesca saved by the parmesan cheese I generously sprinkled on it.

P+H 15

I know it’s becoming a trend in Tagaytay to serve healthy food in harmony to its lush greens and healthy weather all year round but please come up with something really unique and not just a far cry from being gourmet. Probably they just missed to serve the steak, pork or lamb that night because the Potato Gratin will goes well with it. 🙂  I know it’s not fair to make comparison, sorry but it’s hard to match up the good & healthy food we savored at Sonya’s during Rheena’s wedding.

P+H 16

After seeing its label “cheesecakes” I thought dinner would be saved, bad they tasted more like gelatins. 😦  I think the couple (Pao and Heize) made a big mistake of not inviting me previously during the food tasting, hehehe.

P+H 17

After dinner the wedding program continues but few guests remain seated only, a common scene on weddings after taking their meals. Sigh! Actually because we have two senior citizens around we didn’t stayed long at the party. After a photo taken from the photo booth we bid the relatives goodbye. By the way, their consigned photo booth was inattentive and I hate them even if the one manning the booth looks cute. Good looks will never, never shine with incompetency. Should I mention its name here? I’m being bitter because I was expecting to go home with more photo souvenir, hahaha. 😀

P+H 24

Anyhow, it was a lovely wedding, I’m sincere with it. I love it when Heize and Pao talk about their love story, their struggle as a couple, it’s always pretty inspiring to hear other people’s love story especially if they end up with a beautiful wedding that is.

P+H 13

To the new couple: Here’s wishing you a beautiful journey as you build your new life together. Make beautiful babies! 😛

More photos,

P+H 19P+H 20P+H 34P+H 35P+H 21P+H 22P+H 23P+H 30P+H 29P+H 31P+H 32

Disclaimer: This family event never gave birth to any special ties, I guess I need more time, more occasions to see the paternal, or maybe I just have to accept it that it’s not really going to happen and hi and hellos are just fine. 🙂

Venue and Reception of Wedding as follows:

Ina ng Laging Saklolo Parish
Sungay West, Tagaytay City
T. (63) 46 483-5239 / 09282620052
3195 Calamba Road, Tagaytay City
Sun: +63922-8THouse / +63922-8846-875
Smart: +63939-9039-587
Globe: +63917-5413-584
Manila Landline: (02)788-7356 / (02)788-7354

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